Joseph Murphy I have seen miracles happen to men and women in all walks of life all over the world. Miracles will happen to you, too-when you begin using the magic power of your subconscious mind. This book is designed to teach you that your habitual thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny; for as a man thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he. Why is one man sad and another man happy? Why is one man joyous and prosperous and another man poor and miserable? Why is one man fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence?

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As Dr. The author explains how your inner state of being attracts and creates the outer results; he insists that practicing the Attractor Factor means becoming a magnet for whatever you want: increase your business, find love, attract more money, improve your health — or anything else. Chapter 1: Miracles Never Stop. Vitale mentions a few examples of how the law of attraction has worked for him, how he attracted his dream home, passive income, a BMW and many other things.

Chapter 2: The Proof. The second chapter presents the testimonials of the readers who posted their reviews on Amazon after reading the rough early edition of the book. Chapter 3: What Are You Dismissing? The author talks about how we should never dismiss any opportunity to learn something new, to do something, or to try new things.

We should be open to the new teachings as well as the help that is being offered to us. Chapter 4: How to Attract Money. Vitale wants the reader to understand that no matter what is happening in his life right now, no matter what he thinks will happen, that direction can be altered.

We also can create what we want with our thoughts, only it takes longer to experience results because we keep changing our minds.

Since everything else you want in your life is the result of you wanting to be happy when you have the money, love, health… you will be happy , you can cut the corners and simply choose to be happy right now. Chapter 7: An Introduction to the Attractor Factor. The Attractor Factor is explained through a conversation with a friend: we are the sole creators of our reality, and everything in our life, good or bad, consciously or not.

Chapter 9: Step One: The Springboard. And current reality can change. Step two involves choosing what you do want. The clearer you are about it, the easier it is to simply attract it to your life.

This step is very detailed, and much of it is dedicated to the excuses, which are only the negative beliefs that will make us stuck if we buy into them. Vitale gives the exercise to help the readers express their goals and start manifesting.

He taught that you must feel whatever you want to attract. You might see it in your mind, but until you fully feel it as already complete, you will be missing a key step in the attraction process.

You have to own your power, your energy, and one of the most powerful energies is gratitude. The exercise he suggests for the step four is called scripting: imagine that you already have what you want and write out a scene that describes it in detail. Step five is to learn to let go. Choose what you want, and let God or the Universe whichever works for you deliver it and make it happen.

Readers reviews Ernest ODell : The Attractor Factor gives you much more than just a simple formula for acheiving success in your life. Whatever you want out of life, whether it is love, wealth or fame, it requires an effort on your part and a paradigm shift in your thoughts and beliefs. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, your actions — and the resulting manifestations — will follow.

Vicky Oliver : I have been learning about the magic of intention, and that if you want to earn a lot of money, you need to figure out your true motivation.


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