Page Introduction StarBoard for the first time. OSD menu. Press it after making menu selections to apply those. This port is used to output PC audio from the StarBoard speakers.

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Description Software to allow conferencing among up to 50 StarBoard systems Six different types of electronic inks including solid inks, transparent highlighter inks, 3D fancy inks, 2D two-tone inks, 3D shadowed inks and fill patterned inks Customizable libraries of background images and clip art Handwriting recognition software Three different pen types - Normal drawing pens, Intelli-pen for geometric object recognition that converts freehand geometric objects, such as circles and triangles, to smooth drafting quality geometric objects, and a Pointer Pen that creates temporary annotations Object management functions to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste objects Running multiple applications and displaying of documents in a single session Digital video annotation, and image capture A spotlight tool which hones in on a specific area of the display The Hitachi Interactive Panel TSXL is a compact inch LCD that functions as an interactive whiteboard.

It works in conjunction with the Hitachi Software suite of presentation and collaboration tools. It is ergonomic, pen-driven, and has SXGA resolution. The TSXL allows you to write digital notes on the display with the pen and deliver interactive presentations which the audience can view on a large screen when you have it connected to a projector.

The TSXL has the full functionality of an interactive whiteboard. You can write digital notes on the display that your audience will be viewing projected on a large screen. You are in control of a powerful and productive multimedia environment. The TSXL allows you to interact with lessons, connect ideas, navigate through documents and websites, and write over any application, image or video.

You can save and distribute your notes to the class, revisit the session later, and email a copy to you attendees.

You can use the flexible interactive display to your benefit. It integrates seamlessly with your style of presentation with its attractive size and low-profile design. You can place it conveniently on a desktop or lectern to provide more working space for you.


Hitachi StarBoard T-17SXL User Manual



Hitachi StarBoard T-17SXL Manuals



Hitachi StarBoard T-17SXL - T-Series - LCD monitor - 17" Specs


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