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Switch-disconnectors 16 to Amperes High performance compact solution Reliable in extreme conditions ABB switch-disconnectors are designed, built and tested for the best possible performance. They are designed to be virtually maintenance-free across their entire extended lifespan and offer reliable performance in any and all possible circumstances. Space saving All our switches have been designed for easy and cost-efficient installation, maintenance and use.

The modular design enables 2-, 3- and 4-pole installation with different position of the switching mechanism to suit your needs and spacial requirements. The devices can be optimized in relation to busbar and cable connections as well as handles and other accessories. Easy to install The adjustable shaft for external handles and mounting feet, along with snap-on auxiliary contacts and terminal shrouds create considerable savings in terms of installation time and costs.

For example, the shaft can be adjusted to various installation depths, which eliminates the need for special cutting tools. In addition, switch disconnectors from … A are extremely flexible regarding installation orientation.

They work just as well installed horizontally or vertically, or even on the ceiling. Are you looking for support or purchase information?


Switch-disconnectors 16 to 4000 Amperes



ABB OT45E3 Disconnect Breaker 3 Phase 600v Switch


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