Andre Chenier seated at a table, writing. Tis an evil wind that blows no good to some one! Non dite che e un faricmllo! Tu scegli il corpo! Then, in a transport I cried: La vostra Musa tace?

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He has a touching scene with his elderly father "You have fathered servants " then tosses off his livery and sets off for Paris. Andrea and Maddalena fear for their lives. Shades of Tosca perhaps, but. He gives up Maddalena to Andrea and defends him at his trial. Andrea is sentenced to death and Maddalena smuggles herself into his cell so that she can die with him Aida?

Not a dry eye in the house. I loved it and, despite my implication that some of the emotional situations are familiar from other composers, the plot is quite original and enthralling for an opera. Eva Marton does not quite measure up to this exalted company and she looks as though she could eat Carreras for breakfast. Her final scene, waiting for the chop is, however, genuinely moving.

This film, directed by the venerable Brian Large, seems to have been shot using just three cameras, as was the norm in The sound quality is also a bit iffy but that should not put off anyone from seeking out this thrilling piece of opera film history. Was this review helpful to you?


Andrea Chénier

Место действия: Париж. Оперная музыка в интернет-магазине OZON. Шенье родился в Константинополе. Его отец был французским аристократом, а мать — гречанка. Будучи молодым человеком, он вел весьма бурную жизнь в Париже, начал рано писать стихи и в какой-то момент задумал изложить — в поэтической форме — полную энциклопедию человеческих знаний. Он избрал — как оказалось ненадолго — карьеру дипломата в Лондоне, боролся за идеалы Французской революции, но противился ее крайностям.


Andrea Chénier

Giordano was born in the south of Italy and he studied music at the Naples Conservatory of Music, mentored by Paolo Serrao. Although Mascagni won in the competition with his Cavalleria rusticana, Giordano was placed sixth, which brought him a contract with Casa Sonzogno. Conzogno commissioned him to write Mala vita Wretched Life , a verismo opera about a worker afflicted by tuberculosis who pledges to help a prostitute if he is cured from his illness, which was performed with success in Rome in His next opera Regina Diaz Queen Diaz was a failure and was withdrawn from the repertory after having only two performances. Giordano soon moved to Milan and returned to verismo style. Very soon, the opera became popular outside of Italy; it was staged in Berlin and London, where it was performed in English. He died in Milan in , at the age of


Andrea Chénier

The sound, picture quality and camera work are equally fine, same with the lighting mostly. Was it because Schenk focused on the interaction and relationships of the characters? I actually thought the drama benefited from it. For me, the only sore spot of the staging was the final prison scene, which was too messy and darkly lit. From a musical point of view, the production is outstanding. There is a lot of lushness in the orchestral playing which is perfect for the understated accompaniment of La Mamma Morta and the sweeping feel of Nemico Della Patria, yet giving the final scene its necessary power.

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