Angkasawan negara akan tukar minda rakyat Malaysia supaya bersikap terbuka untuk mencapai kejayaan Angkasawan negara akan tukar minda rakyat Malaysia supaya bersikap terbuka untuk mencapai kejayaan PENGHANTARAN angkasawan Malaysia ke angkasa lepas bukan saja memenuhi impian saya sejak kecil tetapi merangkumi setiap lapisan masyarakat. Ini dapat saya rasakan apabila memberi ceramah motivasi pada peringkat sekolah dan universiti seluruh Malaysia. Ramai kanak-kanak yang masih berumur 5 tahun ingin menjadi angkasawan. Ramai pelajar yang mengatakan mereka begitu berminat dalam bidang sains dan matematik. Inilah misi sebenar Program Angkasawan Negara.

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Therefore, it would not be too far fetched to claim that API was named as such to reflect the context of that era that referred to a generation of youths who was socially conscious about the fate of their colonised peoples and from that consciousness grew a common aspiration to pursue pwmuda towards the independence of the Homeland. Therefore, it is not a far-fetched claim to say that the idea for API had already existed in the mind of its founder, Ahmad Boestamam, since the establishment of BPM because the semi-militant training of BPM members was also taught to API members when they were active in the anti-colonial struggle.

This record has not been digitised and cannot be downloaded. The National Archives, Kew Former reference in its original department: The past is tied to its own context and surely, that context would be different from today. Therefore, reading about the past requires us to understand the social context and thinking of the actors in that era or the era of the event itself, which are then interpreted by us today.

The National Archives, Kew. PKMM fought for the concept of Melayu-Raya — a concept based on the idea of a broader-Malay that included the unity of Malay cultural territory and language that consisted of the Malay peninsular and insad islands of Indonesia.

Happy reading and criticisms are welcome. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Help with your research How to use this catalogue Need more context? API is an anti-colonial political organisation that was active during the years Only within the span of one year, various chapters of API were established across peninsular Malaya, including Singapore.

Please improve this article by replacing them with named references quick guideor an abbreviated title. These principles mirrored the Pancasila of Indonesian nationalism and many of the PKMM activists were influenced by nationalist developments in Indonesia and sought for the unification of Indonesian and Malay nationalist struggles in an Indonesia Raya.

In Malaysia, among the historical figures that advocated the idea of a broader-Malay were Ibrahim Yaakob, Dr. On the other hand, in terms of etymology, insaf derives from an Arabic word that connotes justice. Whereas in Indonesia, among the Indonesian nationalists that articulated tenaciously the idea of a unity of oppressed races from the Malay archipelago was Muhammad Yamin.

Even though API was a youth organisation founded by the intelligentsia, the ones who made the materialization of API possible was an ordinary tailor and a woman, who persevered late into the night sewing arm bands with the letters API.

The five principles adopted by the PKMM were a belief in God, nationalism, sovereignty of the people, universal brotherhood and social justice. The new leadership was organised as follows:. Burhanuddin al-Helmy, and Ahmad Boestamam. Where was API established? It should be reminded that the past is an event that most of us did not participate in. API and went through a transformation in the s.

In order to organise that rally, several symbols were needed. Ordering and viewing options This record has not been digitised and cannot be downloaded.

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Have you found an error with this catalogue description? Order in advance Request a copy. Please provide reference details optional. API in its essence was an anti-imperial and anti-colonial youth political movement. What historical event inspired the establishment of API?

When was Pmeuda established? If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. How many members did API have? This means the past is subjected to diverse contemporary interpretations. Inswf can order records in advance to be ready for you when you visit Kew. The main goal of the PKMM was to achieve full independence for Malaya and to oppose any form of British colonial rule. However, if we want to trace the history of radical movements in Malaya, the earlier anti-colonial movements led by local freedom fighters such as Dol Said in Naning, Maharajalela in Perak, Bahaman in Pahang, Tok Janggut in Kelantan and Abdul Rahman Limbong as well as Tokku Paloh in Terengganu, could serve as the foundation and guide to anti-colonial movements that emerged later including API.

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Angkatan Pemuda Insaf

Tindakan mengharamkan pertubuhan yang berhaluan kiri itu adalah mengikut Ordinan Persatuan, Societies Ordinance, API merupakan pertubuhan politik yang pertama diharamkan oleh British. Mengukuhkan barisan perjuangan untuk bangsa dan tanah air. Memberi latihan sahsiah, rohani dan jasmani kepada pemuda-pemudanya supaya bersedia menjadi pemimpin bila dikehendaki. Membina semula Malaya mengikut fahaman demokrasi yang sejati berdasarkan kedaulatan rakyat. Menuntut perwakilan dalam pemerintahan Malaya.


Angkatan Pemuda Insaf (API)


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