Soul food. That changed one Saturday morning in when she suddenly began to abhor the smell, taste, and touch of it. Annette and her family were at the dinner table eating a traditional Southern breakfast: ham, bacon, sausage, jam, toast, butter, grits, and eggs. After the family had eaten, she went to the kitchen to prepare some frozen pork chops for the evening meal.

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See a video of Annette after the jump. The raw vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds that have not been brought to a temperature above degrees. Larkins grows much of her own food in her back yard, sprouts everything from broccoli to mung beans, and juices pineapples, sugarcane, homegrown wheatgrass, and almost anything else that grows out of the ground.

Her collection of juicers — from masticating to hydraulic press — would put your local Jamba Juice to shame. I had never seen a year-old woman who looked as youthful and vibrant as she. So I was curious to ask her whether her mother and grandmother had looked as youthful as she when they reached the ripe age of Turns out the question was not applicable.

Both her mother and her grandmother died of breast cancer before their 50th birthdays. So much for good genes. Of those aforementioned maladies, Larkins has experienced nothing.

But the diplomatic woman, who speaks three languages and sharpens her mind on her library of 5, books, acknowledges that genes are far from a nonissue when it comes to health and vitality. Not everybody has to be where I am, but it is of the utmost importance that we make improvements, because hospitals are filled with people that are digging their graves with their forks. She gave birth to both her boys before she was 19 years old and became a lounge singer in Miami Beach in her late 20s, which along with her stunning looks helps to explain her remarkable ability to command a room.

Not one to be tied down to a single calling, Larkins later worked in commercial food production, education, the airline industry, insurance sales, and writing; she has penned two booklets aimed at making her way of life accessible to others. She also hosted Health Alternatives With Living Foods, a part series on a local public television station where she demonstrated how to prepare tasty raw vegan meals. Among her favorite hobbies is building personal computers.

Larkins decided to go vegetarian in , during a time when her husband owned and operated a butcher shop. He asked her whether he should take her to a doctor. He succeeded for six years before slipping back into his old habits. Their son is having better success — he recently lost 40 pounds by eating a raw diet. Amos now eats a typical American diet and takes medications for his diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. He also looks his age. She was filmed last week by The Doctors television show.

Plant-based diet champion Dr. On top of that, orders for her booklets, words of praise, and cries for help are pouring in from Iceland, the UK, Hungary, Mongolia, Australia, Bulgaria, and Canada. Larkins dutifully responds to every order and every request—even if sometimes her response has to be no.

I was very comfortable doing my little stuff at home, printing out my little envelopes. So when this came along, it was a very strange feeling.


Annette Larkins Found the Fountain of Youth

It has taken many of us a lifetime to firmly establish the wrongs that befall us; we must understand that it may take some time to undo these wrongs. There were different time frames for different phases in my transition, and I would have to really think about each of them, but it suffices to say that I took the time that was needed in order to get to the next step. Everyone does not arrive at the same place at the same time when it comes to lifestyle changes. Yes, my husband, after many years, has made some recent changes that have enriched his life, and although he is not completely raw, he has made improvements that are encouraging him to remain on the path as much as possible. Old habits are difficult to break, but if we work at replacing the bad ones with good ones, they, too, the good habits will be difficult to break. I am proud that my husband has decided to come aboard as much as he can. Clearly, what you are doing is working and so your wisdom carries a lot of weight in terms of being listened to.


Annette Larkins vegan diet: Woman, 70, defies ageing process with vegetables and rainwater


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Journey To Health


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