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He had assertedly blackmailed a number of women: sex in exchange for public housing allocations. Monier-Williams in , cit. This has nothing to do with evolution or Darwin in particular. The same oneness of the pack, homeland first slogans and rally cries recur both in Communist Cuba, Bolivarian Socialist Venezuela, Brazil under military rule and suchlike cases , and Fascist Italy often verbatim. Darwin sailed to remote locations to possibly document ideas that had already saturated the intellectual atmosphere Natural theology dubbed by some For a concise overview of evolutionism before Darwin, see Rechtenwald no date.

In , French scientist Lamarck had conjectured a theory of evolution over long periods that included the passing on of acquired characteristics. The Bible was called into question as possible older alternatives surfaced proposing the same scenery, such as flood and creation myths. The medieval Catholic Church is commonly reputed -according to later standards set by the usual Victorians such as Draper and White- to enforce the belief the Earth was flat.

Nevertheless, Aristotle had given ample demonstrations he posited the Earth to be a sphere. Thomas Aquinas wrote in his Summa: For example, the astronomer and the natural philosopher both demonstrate the same conclusion, such as that the world is round; yet the astronomer does so through mathematics, while the natural philosopher does so in a way that takes matter into account. Cynosure of early genetic studies, Gregor Mendel was an Augustinian friar. Death is not a disaster to be feared; the work of the Destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable Behind the scientistic references to e.

It can be hinted that only a minority of people will be spiritually advanced enough to participate in the Ascension, whereas the rest of the world is doomed to cataclysmic changes.

There are claims that the less spiritually evolved majority is duped by a conspiracy instigated by the government, the media and major organizations.

Hammer Darwin was not generally remiss in giving intellectual credit. He was selectively remiss. Darwin lavished credit on scores of minor-league researchers, while diminishing the few predecessors who might have been even remote contenders for his crown; he thus incurred the debt of many young, rising scientists, while risking the offense mainly of the old and the dead.

All in all, a fairly sound formula for high status. Wright Grean Raia But in , wary of all the free-form healing this electromania encouraged, the government issued the Flexner Report, which sought to upgrade and standardize medical education and health care throughout the country. The animal soul, which had long surfed the waves of the electromagnetic imaginary, was repressed by mainstream American medicine. Davis Hertz and Marconi, however, went public -or secured patents- first regarding notable discoveries.

There may have thus been other eminent authors -such as Lamarck and Bucklandpushing the idea of evolution, rule of the fittest etc, yet Darwinian theories lent themselves especially well to the political agenda of evicting the supernatural from the world of science. The same may be hypothesized about Adolf Bastian and his anticipation of concepts such as the psychic unity of mankind decades before Jung offered similar suggestions.

Did they anticipate a critique of later social Darwinism? It was relatively easy for people like Ratzel and Haeckel—both trained scientists and, at that time, materialists and radicals—to see a link between their enthusiastic advocacy of Darwinism and their desire for political reform. Other liberals, however, some scientifically qualified and at least nominally radical, refused to accept Darwinism in the way Haeckel and Ratzel did.

These included Adolf Bastian and, most notably, Rudolf Virchow [in the s]. There was nothing inherently wrong with this, but Virchow and others correctly foresaw that, when transferred into the sphere of social science and thus of politics, the looseness of the analogies would be forgotten. Smith , emphasis added. S transcendentalist Conway, a liberal and abolitionist who took pride in his radicalism in spite of his birth in an aristocratic Southern family of slaveholders, went on a pilgrimage to see Darwin.

What could the expectations of a radical social activist and former Unitarian pastor possibly be? Conway wrote in his biography: I was soon with Darwin in the garden, which was in floral glory. He expressed satisfaction that I had been able to derive from evolution the hopeful religion set forth in my discourse, but I remember that he did not express agreement with it.

Engels, Liebknecht co-founder of German revolutionary left-wing party Spartacist League and other left-wing revolutionists were avid supporters of both Darwin, and Darwinists such as Huxley. Dutch Marxist revolutionist Pannekoek wrote in At a congress of naturalists, the reactionary politician and scientist Virchow assailed the Darwinian theory on the ground Ordained in In the congregation voted his dismissal.

After stirring troubles regularly up elsewhere with his progressive campaigns, he left ministry in What shall be said, however, about the science of a professor who attacks Darwinism with the argument that it is not correct because it is dangerous! This reproach, of being in league with the red revolutionists, caused a lot of annoyance to Haeckel, the defendant of this theory. He could not stand it. The same can be applied to the worship of Galileo Galilei.

Galileo also championed sort of Aristotelian views regarding comets as Pugh Lovell Blunder it was, but one far too minor to matter much to a towering figure like Einstein. It is the sort of bourgeois mistake that might be appropriate for a Bohr, but Einstein is too sophisticated, too heroic, to make his defining error a missed opportunity that would have hardly changed his reputation. Heroes need tragic flaws which lead to their downfall, and yet are so much part of their make-up that without the flaw, they would not have been heroes.

Hardly a good publishing strategy. Nevertheless, if it was no tragedy for Einstein, it was certainly a tragedy for physics that for the last twenty-five years of his life he was estranged from the active research community by his doubts about quantum mechanics.

Leahy no page. It is important to note these concepts come from a scientist in the field, and not just from another journalist, or a scholastic academic. Nunes no page. Because of human and construction error, the mirror of space telescope Hubble 1,5 billion project resulted flawed, thus drastically impacting the quality of the data sent back. Refurbishment had to take place in space at a later time to fix the problem. Galileo ESA machinery launched with a Russian vector ends in failure as the satellites are positioned in the wrong orbit: reasons are this far unknown.

Among many such scandals, the site Varese News Italy reports on May 11, how pharmaceutical giant Sandoz-Novartis would purportedly pass undercover or unofficial monies and benefits such as travels to physicians operating within both the private and public health sector in order to Soldi Ai Medici Is there a method to the madness? Still in , nine cardiologists — including people of international renown- working with prestigious Policlinico di Modena Italy have been arrested. The Dervishes of science with a stethoscope whirling in their white-as Arrestato Il Superchirurgo Just as Catholics might say, the Church remains an infallible emanation of the one true god no matter how many clergymen are caught committing misconduct, whether sexual, financial or otherwise.

No matter how many scientists are caught fabricating evidence, botching projects through ineptitude or being defective in any way, science remains the infallible emanation of some underlying cosmic principle.

Christian apologist A. McFarland in an interview in expounds how a militant Christian sees things: all the Christians in the world may let one down, whereas Jesus will never let one down. The elementary idea, the gist, always steals the day, whereas the ethnic idea, the concrete manifestation, may be discarded at any time. Homeland first slogans, Communism however re-branded etc always drive crowds. Dong-Pyou Han spiked a clinical test sample with healthy human blood to make it appear that the rabbit serum produced diseasefighting antibodies, officials said.

Soltis no page. In Italy in 2,5 years , cases of medical malpractice were so serious to warrant investigation by a parliamentary commission.

In of these cases, the patient had died Domini Cani hounds of the lord was how popular culture appropriated the item of the ruthless Dominican zeal for Catholic orthodoxy. A destroyer of faith Beautiful souls do not push their artificial kin group fellows over the brink to later repent.

That is why precious savior-heroes routinely materialize on the earthly plane to save the brutish masses essentially from themselves: the heart of darkness, or the Zoroastrian dilemma between absolute good and evil Bernays might have perfected what was common currency.

As it would be the case with poison gas, new scientific discoveries are instantly applied to penology: For Southwick had just presented Edison with a possible solution to his own most vexing problem, the competition posed by Westinghouse and his alternating-current electrical systems. And what better proof could there be than the decision by the State of New York to employ alternating current to kill? Like many subsequent campaigns, this one was constructed on a body of belief and expectation that was already established in the public mind, and sought to position the protagonist—in this case, Mr.

Edison— squarely atop the moral high ground, even as he moved to gain a tangible advantage. Manheim Even sparse knowledge allows to ponder how those are just lunatic impossibilities destined to remain such for eons -and not just a decade or two- to come.

Assuming that they could heat Mars up in a few years, and make the atmosphere safe, how would they resolve the problem of gravity, and of the unhindered shower of lethal solar radiations? This is not pseudo-scientific gibberish, but sparse knowledge easily gathered through a few Discovery Channel documentaries and introductory university courses.

T scares- engineered with the sole purpose of extracting some money from gullible clients. The day you published your front-page headline about Y2K having had no sting, a colleague at Information Systems and Services was told by a client that that the whole thing was a hoax -- after we had spent several long days saving this client from ruin.

Courant, clearly wanted to do a little geek-bashing, so any explanation made to him would be a waste of time. There is broad agreement among knowledgeable people that Y2K is a threat.

The latter situation existed in the early part of my career. Multiplied over the large number of machines and programs in which it existed, using two-digit dates saved millions of dollars. There is a well-funded, year-old company here in Roanoke that did nothing to prepare for Y2K. We learned of this at ISS when its representative showed up at our offices with an urgent interest in retaining our services on the morning of Jan. Anyone who does not believe the threat was real and substantial would get an education from talking to the folks there.

DeLong: no page. Science as ideology not as critical appraisal is a key grand narrative appealed to in the creation of bogus diseases and risks both in professional sources and the media.

Third parties may be specifically commissioned to herald the thunder of illumination.


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If you are easily offended when it comes to religion, please stop reading. We are going to break down all the lies, all the deception, all the misinterpretations, the hiding of critical information, everything that has been perpetuated by mainstream religion, their doctrines and dogmas over thousands of years. My own mind is my own church. All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

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