Arashilrajas At a certain point in your magical career you will be a symbol of a force for change and like Jupiter be a target for those forces tthe inertia that insist that things stay the same. The sign of the Mourning of Isis. The four forms of the invoking elemental Hexagrams for Saturn can be used, exactly as in The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. Perform the analysis of the keyword. Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen. Fo that remains is for this attainment to be reflected down upon the pf plane of Tiphareth, representing the child or issue of the union of opposites effected by the formula of the Rosy Cross.

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Sol , Osiris , Slain and Risen. Begin at the top of the upper triangle and trace it in a dextro-rotary direction. The top of the lower triangle should coincide with the central point of the upper triangle. This Hexagram has the apex of the lower triangle pointing downwards, and it should be capable of inscription in a circle. This Hexagram is like that of Earth; but the bases of the triangles coincide, forming a diamond.

This hexagram has the lower triangle placed above the upper, so that their apices coincide. One possibility is to use a set of four colors attributed to the elements such as red, green, yellow, and blue , assigning each to the appropriate hexagram. Another option is to consistently employ the color scheme called the "Hexagram of Nature," in which the ascending triangle is red, and the descending triangle is blue.

In that hexagram, the upward-pointing triangle is blue, representing the purity of aspiration in the magician. The downward-pointing triangle is red, to symbolize the inspiration from the Genius or Holy Guardian Angel.


Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

This initiation was received after having completed previous initiations and the period known as the Portal Grade. Surprisingly, this may not be as difficult as it seems. While much is made of the Golden Dawn system, compared to other organizations, students learn comparatively little in terms of operative techniques, in their initial four or five initiations. The Pathworkings comprising a large part of the initiations are limited, expectedly, to the nine paths leading up to Tiphareth. They also place The Middle Pillar in this section of the curriculum, but suggest it can begun at the beginning of training along with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as well. The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram was designed to assist students in learning the elementary aspects of invoking and banishing of solar and later planetary powers as they relate to the Elements. Regardie, quoting from the original R.


Notes on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Fenrik This is a much more complex ritual than any I have so far presented here, and learning it will require a lot of concentration, memorization and plain hard work. Properly understood, it is the Medicine of Metals and the Stone of the Wise. Click here to order your copy today! While on greatee subject, it is worth mentioning that there are very good reasons for choosing geometric forms such as the pentagram. This occult -related article is a stub.



Kazitilar Let him drink of the Sacrament and let him communicate the same. The four forms of the invoking elemental Hexagrams for Saturn can be used, exactly as in The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. There is, however, a choice as to which directions to draw to or away from to invoke or banish this central planet. This would render the immediate environment chaotic. Solar banishing and invocation is much more complex and lengthy, and some practitioners believe that solar magic should only be attempted during the Greater Hexagram Ritual which I bxnishing explain in future entries. To banish a planet do exactly the same, but draw the two triangles counterclockwise. Return to the center, facing East.

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