Taular Chris Wolf rated it it was ok Mar 15, According to author Andy Baggott, blssology have more control over our life and our feelings than we realize. If you are familiar with these topics, it is a good reminder with some new approaches. Biba rated it liked it Jul 15, Showing of 15 reviews. This is bliseology amazing practical book.

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Copies of the dashing 10th anniversary edition are now available: blissforth blissologyuniversity. This free-spirited poet has lived a lot of life slowly traveling the planet out of a backpack. This provocative interactive playbook is guaranteed to raise your conversational kundalini. The guide to conversational alchemy, Bliss is a treasure trove of dynamic techniques for making magic of everyday conversations. Discover how to transform blase cliches into uplifting aphorisms that leave everyone feeling blissfully alive.

Never before has a communications book addressed how to raise conversational kundalini. This is the first book to ecstatically yet pragmatically deliver a comprehensive methodology for transmuting ordinary chats into extraordinary conversations.

The author demonstrates that it is possible to live contentedly and exuberantly all day long. The 1st edition sold 30, copies. It is a handbook for human happiness, an exercise in fertility, and a ball of light in your hand. Read and be transformed. For the sake of harmony with humanity, may we all master the Blissiplines within this book.

Bless U, Bliss U! Deepak deep. She may even be deeper than Deepakā€¦ you might call her Deeperpak. These pages are filled with recipes for shifting our words to better reflect the possibility that life holds, and the robust opportunity for positive, purposeful creation. In Bliss Conscious Communication, she shows us how deep and lasting happiness is rooted in our thoughts and offers us easy steps to deepen our experience of happiness, joy and bliss.

We recommend this have-to-read-in-your-;ifetime book to our clients and community, not only to read but to co-write, then re-read and re-write! What a foundation of joy-filled sharing for families, church groups, high school, college, university, therapy, spiritual and community gatherings. May you enjoy co-authoring this juicy, fun, promising, hopeful, and transformational book as much as we do.

A decade ago the first edition of this book invited the reader into what Happy calls Blissology. This second edition continues to deeply explore blissful living and how to share it with others. I highly recommend delving into it and the many Blissiplines within. All of us would be wise to reach for bliss as a way to blend and bend in times of change.

Bliss is not out of our reach. It is our natural way of being, and Happy is here to remind us that bliss our birthright. This book guides you to that quintessential reality. Practicing these Blissiplines opens the door for the highest to express through us.

Thank you, Happy, for writing such a powerful book and thank you, reader, for co-authoring it, thereby co-creating a more joy-filled world. The Blissipline Prophesy has been fulfilled with this publication. Read at your own blissk. How does it get any better than this?! In Joy! I saw a copy and borrowed it for a day. Since then I have felt a longing to be with it much more. With infinite courage you are birthing the most incredible enlightenment. Bliss Conscious Communication is one of the most important books on the planet.

The full activation of Blissology is a sacred taboo in the conspiracy against happiness masquerading at large, and Bliss Conscious Communication is the perfectly brilliant, witty antidote!


Blissology : The Art and Science of Happiness



Blissology: The Art & Science of Happiness


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