Unless Anitaverse has moved things around, that means the events of this book events happen about three months after the main events of the previous Anita Blake novel, The Lunatic Cafe. Consequently, either the St. The latter seems more likely. Synopsis There are several different synopsis versions for this book. But as soon as she arrives in Branson, Missouri, to do the deed, the job gets more interesting. A psychotic sword-wielding vampire starts committing multiple murders in the area, and Anita must call on Jean-Claude, her powerful fanged suitor, for help.

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Start your review of Bloody Bones Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 5 Write a review Shelves: urban-fantasy , audiobook , hello-my-name-is-mary-sue , fashion-accident "Why do I put up with you?

You insult me at every turn. Louis to head to Branson, Missouri, where she is being paid to raise an entire graveyard to see who owns the property because, of course, Anita is the only one in this entire world who can do anything. While she is there, she learns that something is killing young boys AND a vampire is on the loose. This book, more than any of the earlier books, set my "Why do I put up with you?

This book, more than any of the earlier books, set my teeth on edge. As I continue to read through this series, instead of growing fonder or closer to Anita, I find myself gathering an arsenal of weapons to take her out. What does Anita do that strikes the wrong chord with me?

How about this for starters: "I admit, I took comfort in the fact that I was better dressed than most of the girls.

Petty as hell, but I had been chunky in junior high. Jean-Claude had given me two choices. Either he could kill Richard, or I could date both of them. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. Or how about false modesty? Not tall enough, not blonde enough, not Nordic enough, not exotic enough.

Whistles, catcalls, and one offer to check under my skirt. By the way What construction workers are going to be THAT openly sexist? What about being judgmental? Does that count? Sterling", Anita refuses and calls him by his first name? What else upsets me about this book? How about the fact that LKH feels that a novel is just non-stop action scenes piling one on top of each other until they explode into one big shootout at the end that SOMEHOW solves all the previous mysteries?

How about ignoring that a child is missing and thought to have been captured by a pedophile vampire in order to have some vampire posturing? Now that the hormones were receding, I was embarrassed. It sounds like you really hated this book. However, there were things I liked. I liked Larry and how he is learning and coming into his own.

He feels like the Anti-Anita: he says some rude things occasionally, but he also has boundaries and knows when to say things and when not to. I actually really liked Jason; he seems pretty no-nonsense, confident in his position and straight-shooting for the most part. I also thought the initial mystery was pretty interesting too bad it got buried in vampire posturing and overlong shootouts. I liked being away from St. If you are already a fan, I doubt you will be as annoyed by this book as I was, particularly if one of the reasons you are reading these is because you like Anita.

Newcomers can probably just jump in at this book and not have too much problems catching up.


Bloody Bones Quotes

Plot introduction[ edit ] Bloody Bones continues the adventures of Anita Blake. This time, Anita travels to Branson, Missouri and is quickly enmeshed in a series of supernatural murders and disappearances that she and her vampire would-be lover, Jean-Claude must resolve. As with its predecessors, Bloody Bones blends elements of supernatural , hardboiled and police procedural fiction. Explanation of the title[ edit ] Within the book, "Bloody Bones" is the name of a restaurant that is operated by two of the principal characters in the novel, Magnus and Dorcas Bouvier. Hamilton employed the practice of naming each novel after a fictional location within the story for most of the Anita Blake series.


Bloody Bones (novel)



Bloody Bones


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