Short title, extent and commencement. The Act comes into force in Pondicherry vide Reg. The words" except Part B States" were omitted by Act 53 of The words" including British Baluchistan" were rep. Subs by Act 15 of , s. Xia renumbered as d xic by Act 15 of , s.

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Ordinance, 38 of , s. For every cantonment there shall be a Cantonment Board and an Executive Officer. Every Board shall, by the name of the place by reference to which the cantonment is known, be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire and hold property both moveable and immoveable and to contract and shall, by the said name, sue and be sued.

He shall have the right to take part in the discussions but not to move any proposals at the meetings of the Board and of the Committees. Electoin of members 1 Elected members, except those representing women, workers and peasants, shall be elected 6y direct election on the basis of adult franchise in the manner prescribed by rules made under this Act. Conduct of electionsAll elections to a Board.

Declaration of property Every elected member shall, before entering upon office submit to an officer authorised by the Federal Government in this behalf, and in such manner as the Federal Government may direct, a declaration in writing of properties, both movable and immovable, whether within or outside Pakistan or any member of his family owns, or has in his possession or under his control, or in which he or any member of his family has any beneficial interest. Vacancies in special cases.

Electoral rolls. Qualification of electors. Joint families, etc. Power to make rules regulating elections. Omitted by the Cantonments Amdt.

II Members Servants Servants 36A. Every officer or servant, permanent or temporary, of a Board shall be deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of the Pakistan Penal Code, and in the definition of "Legal remuneration" in section of that Code the word "Government Procedure Every meeting of a Board shall be open to the public unless in any case the President, for reasons to be recorded in the minutes, otherwise directs.

New section B ins. By Ord.


Cantonment (Pakistan)

Cancellation and suspension of licenses. Recovery of amount payable of damage to cantonment property. Limitation for prosecution. Projection of Board, Executive Officer, etc. Notice to be given of suits. Appeals from executive orders.


Cantonments Act, 1924(Repealed)

The recommendations of the committee have now been examined by the Government of India and the conclusions arrived at are embodied in the BiH. The main features of the Rill are as follows:- a It is proposed to lake power to municipalize the government of those cantonments which contain a substantial civil population having no essential connection with or dependence upon the military administration. In other cantonments where these circumstances do not fully exist the administration of contanment. Affairs will be vested in the hands of the commanding officer of the cantonment, who for the purpose of the Act, will be constituted a corporation sole.

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