Our History , Trieste, that little northern city in Italy was starting to witness the birth of an everlasting story about tastes echoing everywhere. After years of building the richest culinary experience and skillfully practicing this art, was the establishment year in yet another metropolitan city, Beirut. Fresh sandwiches, salads, desserts and many other delicacies were prepared and presented in brilliant success. From two cities to the whole world, the 40 sq. Our long-term vision is to continue adhering to the quality promise we achieved, while meeting the increasing demands for the international expansion of the unique brand we have been building. Corporate Social Responsibility Uniting the best in international and local talent, our team of dedicated and well-trained staff delivers services of the highest standard where commitment to excellence ensures tangible growth.

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Good thing is, neither of us had previously dined at this Lagos restaurant. The business was started by two families; the Casper family and the Gambini family. I think it is worth mentioning that they also offer catering services in Lagos. They have a nice outdoor area for smokers or people who generally prefer outdoor seating. The interior is very exquisite. I mean these guys got their decor right, nicely done and consistent all the way to the rest room.

Well, back to the gist. So while my friend and I waited for our orders, we were served soft buns, toast and crackers with a side-dish of special sauce …. I mean for a change! Ahhhhhh…not every time bread and butter. I ordered Lasagna Bolognese Al Forno which was served in good time.

Forget that i am forming efiko and telling what this meal is about o, nah wetin i see for menu, i copy put here o…. Jokes apart, i am only familiar with the classic Lasagna. For a minute, I was deceived by my taste buds that i was in some fantastic restaurant somewhere in the MiddleEast.

For a dessert, i ordered a crunchy profiterol, this desert is essentially crunchy and fluffy puffs filled with smooth vanilla creamed covered with chocolate drizzle. I think this extra chocolate was for me to drizzle more chocolate on the puffs if i so desire. Drizzle, I did… Let me rant a bit, please who waits 30minutes for a dessert to served! To cap it up, i guess my waiter was too busy so another waiter had to serve me the deserts. When i questioned why it took so long for my dessert to arrive, the waiter replied in not-so-great English that they are serving so many people simultaneously!

Like seriously? I really liked that this restaurant had free WiFi and power plug point almost everywhere. My main course cost N5, and my dessert , N2, I had just one bad service experience and that first impression stuck.

Of course, I had a better service experience the second time i visited. So, you should totally check this restaurant out.


Our Core Values



Casper & Gambini's, Jeddah


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