Taramar Cisco Phone User Licenses 5. Each branch can have multiple branches where the pieces of information are leaves. A very powerful technique to do this is called mindmapping. Hi guys, some of you materixl the exam in the these days, the exam works or the at are still valid? Answers to Written Lab 7. CCNA Voice certified professionals have the skills and ability to perform in the capacity of voice technologies administrator, voice engineer or voice manager, in an environment implementing various voice technologies.

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There is a lot of material, but if you step through it systematically and avoid the temptation to rush through it all, you will be able to pass the CCIE Voice Written exam. Personally, I like to designate three categories that I feel are my weakest at all times. The categories that I select will change over the course of my preparation, but it keeps me focusing on areas that need the most work.

Simply put, I focus my reading and study on the three topics that need improvement and take stock in where I stand every couple of weeks. Once you get the full blueprint from Cisco, you can narrow your focus even more by selecting sub-topics as your focus.

The main point of this exercise is to break your preparation into smaller chunks so that you avoid feeling overwhelmed with trying to learn it all - all at once. How do you learn about these topics, you ask? Well, there are many ways to accomplish this. Hands-on experience certainly is a great way to reinforce concepts that you will find on the CCIE Voice Written exam, but reading, studying, and reviewing the material is the way to get prepared for the CCIE Voice Written exam in the shortest period of time.

You will have plenty of time to get hands-on as you prepare for the lab portion of the certification. If you have the resources to purchase training from companies like IPexpert , Internetwork Expert , or New Horizons , certainly do it!

These programs will greatly supplement your learning experience, however, you must still plan on doing a lot of reading and study on your own. Some are publicly available documents, and others are books that you can consider adding to your library. Good luck and please feel free to share any ideas that you have personally found to help your pursuit!

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Voice Mail Configuration 9. Group discussion is something for the classroom, where you discuss with other students about certain topics. However, even though I found tons of information on the topics listed, I still felt as though the blueprint was broad enough that it would be difficult to prepare fully for each topic listed. Compress the Matsrial Sample Optional 2.


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