Our team also is always eager to upgrade to the latest release and see which of their ideas were incorporated. Great Product. Great Team! You are doing a fantastic job and I wish you great success! Not only is Cerb a great product, but the team who develop and support it are a fantastic group of people. Thank you!

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Net, PaySystems, Probilling, Multicards, E-Gold and Clickbank payment systems and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. It can also be used without any payment system where you can manage users manually.

This integration is commonly know as Single sign-on. Single sign-on SSO is a method of access control that enables a user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems without being prompted to log in again. Want more info, visit the aMember Pro WebSite and find out why its the perfect membership software for selling digital subscriptions and downloads.

Cerberus Helpdesk Cerberus Helpdesk is a Web-based e-mail management system. A free fully functional version called Community Edition is available. Save time by eliminating costly junk e-mail.

Increase productivity by giving each agent the tools necessary to view and manage their e-mail workload according to their role. Control your e-mail pipeline with due dates automatically set according to your schedules for each department.

Set response time targets to ensure your customers are receiving timely solutions that meet or exceed their expectations. Prioritize the support needs of specific customers using fully customizable Service Level Agreements.

Provide your customers with a public, web-based Support Center which seamlessly embeds into your existing website. A free version of Cerberus Helpdesk called Community Edition is available for use. You will be restricted to 3 workers, and to 3 departments. If you require more workers or departments you will have to purchase a licensed version. Want more info, visit the Cerberus Helpdesk WebSite and find out why its the perfect email help desk solution for your business.

In addition to single-sign-on, this aMember integration plugin will automatically create, remove, update Cerberus Helpdesk database user records when a user is created, removed, or updated in aMember. If you want seamless integration between aMember and Cerberus Helpdesk Desk in order to create a wonderful customer experience for your users you need this plugin now.


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Cerberus Helpdesk Public-User Tools


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