Er wurde zuhause von Privatlehrern unterrichtet, bis er auf das Deutsche Gymnasium [3] von Czernowitz ging. Mit einem dieser Privatlehrer unterhielt Reichs Mutter zeitweilig eine intime Beziehung. Er trat der k. Im Jahre promovierte er zum Doktor der Medizin. Reich sitzend 5. Zugleich betonte er, dass dieses Ziel nur schwer erreichbar und die Neurose als Massenerscheinung ohnehin nicht durch Einzeltherapien zu beseitigen sei, sondern nur durch Prophylaxe.

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Shelves: health , psychology , sociology , psychiatry Wilhelm Reich was one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century though his ideas have yet to receive the broad recognition they deserve. A combination of two complimentary factors : his accurate diagnosis of a species-wide form of psychological disorder he called the emotional plague was extremely confronting, and his claim to have discovered a cosmic energy called orgone, which could heal people if they sat in orgone boxes and could make it rain if you pointed a cloud Wilhelm Reich was one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century though his ideas have yet to receive the broad recognition they deserve.

Reich was not a biologist or physicist. He came from the Freudian school of psychoanalysis, which was never based on the strict discipline characteristic of the hard sciences. He arrived at the concept of this cosmic energy from the basis of the physical experiences of himself and his patients.

Some may be tempted to interpret what he says in the light of other, more recent, discoveries. A friend of mine suggested that what Reich describes as the flow of orgone through the body corresponds with the pathways by which we now know that the chemical oxytocin travels through the bloodstream.

Reich believed that the orgone flowed most strongly at orgasm and orgasm produces oxytocin. Did sitting in orgone boxes help to heal people of their psychological or physical ailments? It seems likely that there would have been a placebo effect. There are Reich supporters who claim the accumulators and cloudbusters work, but orgone energy never gained any currency amongst biologists or physicists.

Those who dismiss Reich on the basis of the grander claims make a big mistake. He arrived there by studying human behaviour, and it is in that field that his importance lies.

Character Analysis was originally published in and then greatly expanded in In the main body of the work he introduces two of his most important ideas - character armour and body armour. The basic frame of reference here is still Freudian psychoanalysis, though Reich is already a heretic.

Why does a mentally ill person hurt themselves? Because they have a self-destructive instinct? Today we might blame it on something else internal to the individual - a chemical imbalance.

Reich argues that we need to be aware that religious institutions, schools and parents who teach children to fear the natural erotic processes of their own bodies can be the source of the neurotic impulse for them to hurt themselves. Our personality consists of a more or less rigid character structure - a way of looking at ourselves and a mode of operating in the social world. The purpose of this structure is to protect us from threats internal and external.

If we are criticised, it is to our character armour that we cling. Existential anxiety, sexual desires or repositories of repressed anger are examples of internal threats which may make us feel the need for our armour. This concept is a very important one because it focuses our awareness on the role of perceived threat on unhelpful intransigence.

If we want to help someone to improve their behaviour we may have more luck if we first do what we can to make them feel safe, e. Body armour is the physical manifestation of character armour. Our anxiety about certain physical sensations can cause us to chronically stiffen parts of our musculature. Reich developed his own massage methods to deal with this. In , when the first part of this book was published, Reich was forced to flee Nazi Germany.

What leads to such collective madness? According to Reich, there are three modes of psychological being. Or we may be neurotic, in which case the failure to satisfy our primary biological drives gives rise to secondary drives of a destructive nature which make repression necessary. In this case we may be a resigned, self-destructive, neurotic. Essentially all manifestations of the dark side of human behaviour can be understood as expressions of this form of disorder in which a natural drive is distorted through having to make its way through the character armour and is expressed as some form of hostility.

Reich has given us a holistic framework for the process by which the human animal, whose primary biological orientation is toward love - not excluding its bodily erotic expression, comes to be capable of war, torture, rape, etc.

From such a viewpoint we can see that we will make little progress in solving our problems by political means unless we also learn how to free up our character armour and reconnect with our original loving nature. This is not a book to accept or reject as a whole.

Some ideas may be well-founded, others may not. Reich, like Freud and Jung, had conservative attitudes to homosexuality, for instance.


Charakteranalyse. Technik und Grundlagen für Studierende und praktizierende Analytiker



Wilhelm Reich



charakteranalyse von wilhelm reich


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