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His work is a reflection of Postmodernism in literature. The book is divided into seven stories which are mutually linked. The book can be perceived as a metaphor for all sorts of conflicts — political, religious, social… People forget to accept others as they are and they try to put them into their own standards. McEwan is trying to diminish the difference and make people realize they should accept everyone. This work also has a dark atmosphere to it, intelligent ideas and a witty humor as a legacy from his previous works which makes the work even more interesting.

Many adults and kids grew up with this book in their hands and it still reminds many of their childhood experiences. Every child should immerse himself into the magic of this book and make it an unforgettable part of their growth. Place: Wales Time: 21st century, but the book could be characterized as timeless Book Summary In the beginning we meet Peter Fortune, a 10 year old who spends most of his time in his own private world made up entirely in his mind than in the outer world.

He has always been quiet, peaceful, disciplined, and respective of rules but he had one flaw: he was too quiet. During a math test he writes out the first number which leads him into the world of big numbers, numbers of atoms… After failing the test he ends up in the group of underachieving students but he was bored there. His seven years old sister Kate once got left in the school bus just because Peter envisioned them running away from a pack of wolves.

Peter was an ordinary boy and everyone saw it but in the wrong way: they saw his dissimilarity as a flaw but that unusual boy decide to write down the adventures he lived through in his mind.

Dolls Peter shared his room with Kate for as long as he could remember. He almost never had a problem with that. He loved, after waking up from a nightmare, seeing Kate close.

With time they set some boundaries in the room. Kate said he exaggerated the whole situation and in the end it was decided they needed to go into separate rooms. She came to life in a second and, since she was missing a leg, she had to support herself on a pencil in order to climb up to the bed.

Peter was attacked by 60 dolls. When Kate came back she saw her dolls spread around the bed and Peter. Peter was a bit ashamed and then he had to rearrange them as dictated by Kate. The Cat Peter is always in a hurry in the mornings. When he would finally get up he had to fight for some food and his place in the kitchen because everyone was getting ready. He would lay, nap and look at them. Peter always wondered what the cat thought.

When he came home from school he started petting the cat. He could open him and see his insides. He saw his spirit. The fake Peter searched for food around the kitchen and fake cat was resting. When night came the cat went outside to confront another cat who had taken his place on the fence. They again exchanged places and their spirits met again. Peter thanked him for all the lessons he taught him. Peter startled. It was still a cold, winter afternoon.

His father told him that the cat died. No one was in a hurry that morning. The cat got a decent funeral and he died in peace thankful for his experience with Peter. The mother would every now and then empty the drawer and she would throw away everything unnecessary. Peter went through it and this time it was full.

He was wondering about the things that were in it and he found a small container. When he opened the lid he saw a cream inside. He took a little of it with his finger and then his finger just vanished.

He decided to use his new discovery on his family that was resting in the back yard. He went to his mother and decided to use the cream on her and he did the same to his father. A part of her head was gone and she lost her eyesight. Kate started running around and ended up smashing into a wall.

Peter had no choice but to apply the cream all over her. When night came Peter heard some strange noises. It was a monster who could only be beaten with the cream. He ran to the kitchen, opened the drawer and started looking for it but then Kate approached him.

He startled from his fantasy and remembered he had to get some things for his parents. He was just an ordinary boy. He had a teddy bear in his bed, helped his mother do the dishes and other house chores. Peter asked how come such bully could pretend to be a normal and a good boy during his party. He played with all the boys. Peter asked himself the same question even three weeks after the party.

During a recess he was getting ready to eat an apple. Barry came up to him and asked him to give him the apple. The kids started gathering around and barry got stronger. The kids were what made him a bully. This time they were rutting for a fight. Peter was still scared but he took a bite of his apple and told Barry he was just a good boy who helped his mother around the house and sleeps with a teddy bear. He made Barry cry.

The whole crowd which was rutting for him started to tease him. Peter felt sorry about what he had said. That day, since no one wanted to hang out with them, played football together and became friends.

Every day one house would be robbed. Peter decided to put an end to it and to catch him. He started coming up with plans and traps for the burglar. The first thing he had to do was avoid school so he could wait for the burglar.

He practiced every day his appearance, words and he even used flour to look pale. The next day Peter got the permission to stay at home all alone. After some time he heard some noises. The man was sneaking into the house through the window. When the burglar took of his disguise it turned out to be his neighbor Mrs. She decided she needed to get rid of Peter. Peter took a picture of her to have proof she was robbing the houses.

She pulled out a gun and pointed it at him when Peter felt his father waking him up. He slept through the robbery but he remained sure that his neighbor was the one who did it. In the beginning everything was alright until the baby ruled the house — his stuff went missing, she would put everything in her mouth, ate a part of his homework and screamed all the time.

One day he got into a fight with Kate and she adored the little baby. Kate took her magic set and took it to the living room. Peter was still upset with her and wanted to continue their discussion. In that moment Kenneth rose up to his feet and grabbed Peter and looked him in the eyes. Kate took her magic wand and make the room look huge.

He wanted to explain everyone what was happening but he realized that he loved food, bananas and to be dirty all day. Every time he tried to explain everything to anyone something would interrupt him: a hot bath, toys… Everyone carried him around and he was allowed to sleep for hours during the day.

One morning he realized that Kenneth was in his body. The angry boy threw his plate and left the room. In that moment the magic reversed. Everyone was back in their original body and Kate and Peter took Kenneth for a walk. Other families would visit them and socialize with them. This summer Peter was They would play volleyball and then they would read books or newspaper. All of it was strange to him. There was also a girl who was a med student and she was always studying.

They came up with so many o0bligations and made themselves into slaves. The next morning he woke up and he was in another body. He was more muscular, had more hairs and a deep voice.


The Daydreamer

His work is a reflection of Postmodernism in literature. The book is divided into seven stories which are mutually linked. The book can be perceived as a metaphor for all sorts of conflicts — political, religious, social… People forget to accept others as they are and they try to put them into their own standards. McEwan is trying to diminish the difference and make people realize they should accept everyone.


Synopsis[ edit ] The book comprises seven interlinked stories about a young boy, Peter Fortune, whose daydreams place him into various fantastic situations: he discovers a cream that makes people vanish and makes his family disappear; conquers a bully on the thought that life was a dream so he had nothing to lose but to wake up, transforms into a cat and fights off a new tabby stray, transforms into his baby cousin and experiences the joys of being a toddler, a doll and gets his arm and leg ripped off to match a mangled doll, and, in the last story, an adult in which he discovers how boring adults are compared to kids. He is 10 years old at the start of the novel and 12 at the end. Publication[ edit ] The novel was first published by Jonathan Cape and has been translated into several languages. It has been reprinted by Vintage , amongst others.



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