From highest priority to lowest: Implement all original Diablo II functionality. It will be cross-platform, easily run on modern systems in high resolution. Have a good separation of the Game and the Engine, so that engine can be used separately to create Diablo-like games. Create an original game in the setting of Diablo.

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Click to expand Oh, god, yes, I will have an essay-length rant about that later. But for now I have an essay-length rant about the beginning of Chapter 1. Today, we begin Chapter 1: Character Classes. See, the Diablo II classes go up to Level 25, rather than up to Level 20, which is a bit of a problem, but not nearly as big a problem as the fact that Diablo II hands out feats and Ability bonuses based on class level, rather than character level.

Given that everyone involved only gets the 1 Feat per 3 levels and 1 Ability boost per 4, the game probably assumes that multiclassing uses character levels. Lordy lord. Amazons need the following traits: Strength in order to fight in melee, wear armour, and deal damage, Dexterity in order to make ranged attacks, Constitution to survive hits, and Charisma to recover their powers and to set their save DCs.

Also all but one of their skill options key off Intelligence and Wisdom. They do not have any Charisma-based skills, because as noted above, who wants to talk in a Diablo game? Amazons also have a lot of dead levels. They also have a lot of powers that are magic. The way that Amazons and later, Barbarians and Paladins gain powers is that you pick one power off your available list when you level up. You essentially get three powers per tier for six tiers by Level 24, at which point you call it a day.

The first tier includes the following: The Improved Critical feat, which in 3. The worst multi-attack power ever designed. Wait, maybe I should break that last one down. It lets you attack at -2, -4, and -6 instead of your usual attack options. I think the idea here was probably to allow Amazons to do some melee fighting without having to buy Strength.

Except that without Strength, your chances of actually hitting with any of these three attacks are low, and your damage per hit is negligible. Now, there is a useful edge case for Jab - Weapon Finesse.

Under a strict reading, you could take Weapon Finesse for your weapon and still get Dexterity to hit. Your damage will remain absolute garbage woo, 1d damage per hit , but at least you can hit.

Staggeringly well. At Level 1 it is a good power. At Level 20 it is a stunningly good power good enough that it might legitimately be worth trying to max out Charisma to use it more often instead of other stats. But you can get other things at Level 2 and 3. And that was just Group 1. Whoops, no, not faster. They work the same as Fire Arrows, but instead of setting things on fire they force an enemy to make a Fortitude save or be Slowed for 1d3 rounds.

There is no save DC. So… I guess just make one up? If you bought Magic Arrow, and of course you did, you can also take Multiple Shot, which is the horde-killer. It turns each of your attacks into three attacks, with the same cumulative -2 to hit. That gives you fifteen attacks. That is a ludicrous number of attacks to roll. Poison Javelin lets you take a full-round action to make one ranged attack that deals half damage and has a chance of doing Constitution damage, which is basically a meaningless amount.

And Power Strike lets you take a full-round action to make a single attack and boost your damage by 1d8 per five levels, i. You can grab the Deflect Arrows feat, which is nice.

Lighting Javelin is notable for being much weaker than the Magic Arrow power you got back at Level 1. Well… a scaled-down Fireball. It deals 1d6 damage per two levels instead of one, to a maximum of 10d6.

It only reaches 15 feet radius instead of It is magic, so probably once per day. Maybe Group 4 will be better. Spoiler: Show Group 4 is not better. All Group 4 abilities are magic, so DC 20 Charisma check to get them back. This will almost never happen, since Charisma is not your priority.

Charged Bolt lets you take a full-round action to do an extra 2d8 damage and unleashes a spell the sorceress gets at Level 1. Poor Amazon. Guided Arrow lets you fire a single arrow that always hits the nearest foe, even if it has to go around corners.

So… do you need to know that a foe is there? Or does it just kind of figure it out. Ice Arrow is one of those times that the designers gave someone a powerful ability, and then got worried that it was too powerful and kept adding in restrictions. So either someone is entirely doomed, or this attack does nothing. Still your best option. Penetrate is just a mess. So… who the hell knows. Oh, and you can throw a plague javelin instead of taking your action this turn, which creates a cloud with a 15 foot radius that makes people take Fortitude saves or take Constitution damage over the next minute.

This is bad on about five levels. First, it sacrifices all your extra attacks and does half damage again, so much less damage than just wailing on someone. Fourth, it can affect party members. Fifth, you need to be carrying a javelin to use it, and the javelin is destroyed by using it. Pick three. Spoiler: Show By Group 5, you are Level I wonder what amazing things the Amazon has access to!

You can take a full-round action to create a duplicate that lasts one round per three levels. Enemies will attack it instead of you if they fail a Will save with a minimum DC at this point of Unclear on whether Evade stacks with Avoid, which is a prerequisite. Powers that provide partial defense as a full action are very bad.

Only somewhat bad. The damage is pretty piddling at this level flat 2d6 , but it clears out goblins. You do need to have bought the fireball arrow to take it, but of course you did. There was nothing else worthwhile at that tier. No, Levels need their own powers.

And what powers they are. The Freezing Arrow is pretty absurd. Less good is Lightning Fury, which lets you turn a javelin into a half-strength Chain Lightning, once again a spell that your magical party members got literally fifteen levels ago and can cast multiple times per day. But obviously the designers disagreed with me, because the third power you have access to, Lightning Strike, is exactly the same effect but starting with a melee attack instead of a ranged one.

Word for word. Well, not entirely word for word. This one deals normal melee damage if you hit the first target, and if you miss the first target the chain lightning fails to happen at all. Go Amazons! But hey, do you like to roll buckets of dice?

Just… buckets and buckets of dice? At first glance, that sounds nice, but not amazing. This is a permanent effect that covers all of your ranged attacks forever. It covers your perfect accuracy magic arrows.

It covers your bucket of dice multiple arrows. It covers your cool exploding frost arrows. It covers everything. Throw a poison cloud and watch the entire dungeon fill with poison gas.

Once per day, you can summon a 7 HD valkyrie to throw javelins at things for mild damage. But who even cares. There are technically lines for Level 24 and Level At Level 24, you just get your feat and your Ability increase, and Level 25 is completely dead.

No feat. No Ability. No powers.


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