We usually deal with other people in our daily lives as though we were dealing with their clothed bodies. We make an assessment of new acquaintances, customers, clients, and strangers based upon the way we view a body with our senses; the manner in which we perceive how they dress and care for their bodies is the basis for our "first impression. It is in dealing with this part of the species that religions are founded, spiritual practices engaged in, and scientific doubt expressed. The reason is simple: the same physical senses which give continuous testimony to the physical part of the human being give no evidence whatsoever of the non-physical part of the human being. Science, being based on the measurable, that is to say those things which are sensed by the physical senses, must deny the existence of that which cannot be measured if it is to maintain its integrity. For our purposes we can divide the incarnate human being into these two parts, the sensory proved physical part, and the non-sensory provable spiritual part.

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Mickaharic shares with the reader a rich and practical guide to spiritual cleansing, using folk remedies and techniques that immediately feel comfortable, unassuming, and instilled with a fervent purpose to get to the heart of the matter. The best thing about Spiritual Cleansing is that it made me think and rethink the practical application of magical protections against all manner of threats that one faces in my line of work.

There are a number of immediately useful techniques presented that, with a wee bit of nudge here and there, will be added to my arsenal. This is folk magic at its finest, simple and effective. Yes, it oftentimes leans a bit too heavily into the Judeo-Christian wheelhouse, but with some minor adjustments, the techniques found here will work from any viewpoint. Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection is an important work and will readily serve both beginners and advanced students of the magical arts.

I recommend it without reservation. It was so thin I missed it. There it has sat, for more than 20 years, unread. Share this:.


Draja Mickaharic

He keeps things simple, without bogging his books down in a ton of theory. His work is all written with the assumption that the reader has access to a spiritual worker or a teacher who can answer such questions one-on-one. Even so, his material is useful right out of the gate. Still, first aid and basic hygiene are as important spiritually and psychically as they are physically and this is the perfect manual for it. There is still a lot of useful material in Spiritual Cleansing for even the experienced magician. It can be extremely useful, for example, to have a pre-mixed herbal preparation to quickly and simply accomplish the same goals one would normally leave for a complex cleansing ritual.


Similar authors to follow

With hundreds of practical ideas, Spiritual Cleansing has been a boon companion to thousands. Spiritual Cleansing is a guide for lay people who? Learn how to use incense and flowers to clear the air after arguments and how to employ protection from negative energy while you sleep. Techniques to increase mental acuity, bring love into our lives and attract money are all included.


Spiritual Cleansing : A Handbook of Psychic Protection by Draja Mickaharic (2012, Paperback)


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