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The DSC shares the same programming as the , and the as they are basically the same panel, with a different number of zones, etc. Default Installer code: Default Master code: You should hear 3 beeps, one long beep means incorrect code.

If you are in a location, just push a couple times and you will get out. First you must power the panel down. Next, remove any wiring from the zone 1 terminal and the PGM 1 terminal. Get a short loop of wire and link zone 1 and PGM 1. Power the panel up and after 10 seconds everything should be defaulted and you can remove the wire loop. If not, the panel may be locked.

Regardless of how location is programmed, a fire zone should have a 5. Use zone type 08 for hardwired smoke detectors and 88 for wireless smoke detectors.

As you programme each 2-digit zone type, it will jump to the next zone. When you finish all 16 zones in that location, it will leave the location. If you are only programming the 6 on board zones, just press when you have programmed the last zone you wish.

To skip a zone press the arrow key twice. The zone type will determine how the zone will work. Location toggles zones into partition 1, locations toggles zones into partitions , if you have enabled other partitions in location Zone attributes, can be changed to alter how the zone works.

Each zone type has set attributes, but you can change them after you assign the zone type. Once in location it will be looking for the 2-digit zone type of zone 1, so press the arrow key twice to skip each zone.

When you are at your zone slot, enter the zone type you want to assign the wireless zone. You cannot use any of these zone types: 07, 08, 09, 29, or Press to leave zone types. Location is for zones Use for zone 9; if you were using zone 14, you would use location Toggle number 8 on to set the zone to wireless. Assign the zone to a partition, by default only zones are assigned to partition 1. Location toggles zones into partition 1.

Location toggles zones into partitions , as long as the partition is enabled in location Enroll the wireless zone by entering location Once in location , enter the 2-digit zone number then the 6-digit ESN electronic serial number on the device.

Press to leave location Wireless module placement, enter location Enter the 2-digit zone number. It is now awaiting your test. Make sure you take the device to where it will be installed and trip the sensor. The keypad will display 1 for good, 2 for ok, or 3 for bad. Wire the expander into the as if it were a keypad. Perform a module reset from inside programming mode.

Changing the zone type to 00 will disable the zone. Once in location it will be looking for the 2-digit zone type of zone 1, press the arrow key twice to skip each zone. Once at the zone you wish to delete, just enter 00 then press to exit.

Location starts at zone 17 and goes to There are 2 things you need to programme to enable the keypad zone: The keypad must be assigned a slot The zone must be assigned to that slot To assign the keypad slot, enter programming mode from the keypad you are setting up. Enter Location for keypad programming then sub section 0. You now need to enter 2-digits, the first digit is the partition the keypad will be assigned to and the second digit is the slot the keypad is in; you can select slots If there is more than one keypad on site, be sure they each have a different slot.

Press to leave keypad programming. From Location you can enter that 2-digit zone number that will be assigned to keypad slot 1. The zone is now setup as a keypad zone. Be sure to programme it as a hardwired zone, with a zone type and partition. This will get you into user programming mode. From here, you just need to enter a 2-digit user number, followed by the new 4-digit code number you wish to add. You can now enter another 2-digit user number or press to exit.

This will delete the code from programming. From here, press 98 then the 2-digit user number you wish to programme. From here, press 99 then the 2-digit user number you wish to programme.

Once in programming mode, go to Location and either enter your new master code or use the right arrow to read out the current code. If you have lost the system installer code, there is no way to access programming without it.

Try If you have no luck, you will have to default the panel. Once you have added a user code, change the users attribute option 2 to set the code as a duress code. Press at the end of your number. HEX digits can programme different things into the phone number. Location is for phone number 3 the backup phone number. In Location turn option 7 off. The system account number is looking for 6 digits. If you are only using 4, programme the last 2 as a HEX F. Location is where you programme the system account number.

Location is for partition 1, Location is for partition 2, etc. You can use this GSM if there is no phone line on site or as a backup means of communication, secondary to the land line.

You can power the GSM with its own transformer and battery or power it from the alarm panel. If it is powered from the alarm panel, it will not need its own back up battery, so remove it and place the jumper link on the board.

You still need to wire power to it. The unit clips onto the steel box and obstructs part of the DSC board, so be sure to wire all zones and phones first. To enable the GSM, you must turn on option 5 in Location The reporting format, Location , must be set to SIA, 04


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Powerseries Power Supply/PGM Module PC5204


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