Explore our CNA product styles for the one to meet your application requirements. Our compression molded and skived manufacturing process allows for the best control of physical properties and performance characteristics than other manufacturing processes. Semi-metallic gaskets are traditionally used for low pressure commodity and high pressure piping systems but with modern materials, tougher applications in the refinery and chemical industries can be solved with this product group. Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. Our commitment to quality and service ensures that our customers receive high-quality products in the shortest lead time possible. TFC offers design, engineering, technical and sales support, to both distributors and end users.

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Some of our Durlon gasket materials include: Durlon Gasket Material Color Durlon Economical gasket material designed with a NBR rubber binder for moderate service in piping or other equipment. Off-White Durlon Premium compress sheet gasket material that is combined with a nitrile NBR synthetic rubber binder. Renowned for its anti-stick properties. Black Durlon High performance sheet gasket material combined with high-grade Nitrile NBR rubber and is designed to withstand higher temperatures.

Good compressibility and recovery along with excellent sealability characteristics. Good compressibility and recovery, sealability characteristics along with good anti-stick properties. White Durlon High performance gasket material that is combined with with high-grade neoprene rubber. Excellent resistance to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents. Designed for applications where resistance to highly aggressive chemicals is required.

Excellent sealability, flexibility and non-sticking characteristics, also has good electrical conducting properties. Black Expanded PTFE gasket material designed for applications where resistance to highly aggressive chemicals is required. For more information about our Durlon gaskets, contact us today.

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