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Includes new political terminology, new Russian institutions, new countries and republics and new city names. Contains 26, entries in the English-Russian section and 40, words in the Russian-English section. Irregularities in Russian declensions and conjugations appear at the beginning of each entry.

While in many ways I appreciate British English, such dictionaries come up lacking for Russian-speakers that want to learn American English or for American-English-speakers that want to learn Russian.

As a former Russian teacher in the United States, I found this book a "God-send" for some of the things that my students in the United States wanted me to teach them.

Some versions of the dictionary have handy grammar and culture references as well There have been several editions published over the years and Katzner wonderfully updates this book every few years. One of my favorite features of one of the editions was a reference glossary with commonly used abbreviations such as Dr.

Try to buy the most recent edition of this book if possible since it will have the most updates and helpful features. I highly recommend this book for either American -English speaker trying to learn Russian or Russian-speakers trying to learn American English.

Solid Dictionary By C. A few of the negatives were in regard to poor binding of the hardback edition. These are fair remarks, indeed my copy has worn very quickly as well. However, the softcover edition does not have this problem and it is also easier to transport around.

The other negatives seemed to be by advanced students of the Russian language. But for most users this book will be outstanding. For American English speakers of Russian I would say it is a must. If you are studying Russian, you need this dictionary A Customer on Feb 03, The Katzner dictionary is most helpful for students who want to know the difference between different Russian words which correspond to one English word. Associated with each Russian translation is a brief English explanation of the meaning.

This helps avoid misusing a word which is a proper translation for one meaning of a word, but not for another. Look at any entry of an English preposition or common verb and there are often ten or more corresponding Russian words whose differences are carefully explained. Many entries in both the Russian-English and English-Russian sections of the dictionary contain Russian phrases or sentences which are fully accented to aid the beginner or intermediate student to learn proper pronunciation.

You can learn more about the dictionary at the wordfind site and even see a sample page there. Even if you are not just beginning your study of Russian, you will find this book to be well-organized and carefully constructed to show iregular forms of verbs and nouns. One of the more interesting sections of the dictionary is its Glossary of Proper Nouns which includes the Russian names of countries, U. However, I think its worth a note that it does not fare well with regular use.

I used mine as a reference for my russian courses for less than one year and the binding split in two. Now all of the pages are falling out, which I find a bit frustrating.

Given the price, I was fairly disappointed with the quality. This is the only dictionary to use for Americans who are dealing with contemporary Russian usage, though it is less useful for those who are dealing with historical or literary translation.

However, I also share the dismay of the reviewer whose dictionary fell to pieces after a year. Kak im ne stydno?? Even a paperback can be sewn into its binding rather than glued. Unfortunately, I have no suggestions. Pomogite nam! Give us a new hardcover edition!

Content 5, Binding 0 By Paul F Miller on Dec 27, I have no argument with the content of this dictionary; it serves most of my needs.

But I like to mark up my books and make notes in the margins; these help me remember things over the years. It has no signatures, no threaded binding, so the pages that are merely glued in tend to fall out after repeated opening and closing of the book. Language dictionaries are opened and closed thousands of times and must have the best of binding. This has the worst and all my notes are now lost for all practical purposes as I must change to a new intact dictionary.

Not recommended. Issued by the US military It has excellent coverage of most basic and general vocabularies, and goes into depth on many other subjects including military jargon. Words are extremely easy to find here--unlike in many dictionaries of this type. Of course, there are some very specific Russian-English dictionaries out there that specialize in specific categories of the language.

My copy is dog-eared and I did have to tape the cover the paperback , due to frequent use. Many of my Russian friends have used it to find the "right" word in English, and it has proven to be an exceptional resource in both directions.

A must have for any student of Russian. Highly useful and detailed grammatical information, extensive vocabulary and accompanying-necessary-information on usage as well as irregularities in form or usage declensions or conjugations.

Having compared many Russian and English dictionaries this is by far the most comprehensive resource you can get in a user-friendly and compact format at a reasonable price. This is one of the best foreign language dictionaries I have used in my extensive foreign language studies. The dictionary is touted as a first of its kind geared to American English rather than British. This book eased my days as a student considerably I loved my old one so much I passed it on to a friend and got a new one last time I was in the States.

Keeping a precious paperback dictionary intact. Brinton on Feb 01, Glued bindings are characteristic of most paperbound books nowadays, even outstanding dictionaries. I foresaw this possibility and sewed mine before subjecting it to use. You can do it yourself, or ask a tool-savvy friend. Thread any heavy thread, waxed shoe-repair twine, or fishline, twice or more through each set of holes and tie securely with a square knot.

Now you can open the book without fear of cracking the glued binding. The dictionary has easy to read references starting from either language Non-Russian speakers, like myself, can even use the English section to look up Russian words. A must for every American! By Daniel E. Cureton on Feb 19, This is must for every American who is learning or will learn Russian reading, writing or speaking.

This though.. What is really important, and key to the foundations of Russian Grammar is the noun declination he lists and verb conjugation. Two very important things that he gives a section to before diving into the book! He does have a thorough list of words for American English 25, and Russian 40, so 60, all together.

Very useful for the American that wants to discuss and talk about American English, culture, slang and more! A must! Easy to use, for Russians and Americans. This was one of the only ways that we could communicate! In fact, we just kept it on the kitchen table so that we could look up anything we needed to.

The dictionary is pretty huge and inclusive. I only wish that it was a little bit smaller so I could carry it around, but you can find phrase books for that. In fact, my husband and I have had this dictionary for almost 10 years and stupidly I left it out in the rain a day or two ago. Needless to say, I placed an order for a replacement immediately through Amazon. I would not even consider another dictionary. I bought the Oxford Pocket Dictionary at a library sale for a buck or two that we keep in the car, and it is practically useless in my opinion.

It just reaffirmed my high opinion of this dictionary. In fact, a russian friend of ours said my russian was "unexpectedly rich" and thought maybe we had russian literature lying around the house. I totally give this dictionary credit. I hope my replacement arrives soon! My favorite Russian dictionary! By Z on Nov 22, I think the translations in this dictionary are better than the larger, more expensive, Oxford one, and I can actually lug this one around with me! I use it so much that the spine started to fall apart I taped it up and glued it together, but now I haul it around in a bible cover, which works perfectly!

I wish I thought of using a bible cover earlier. And the best part of using a bible cover for a Russian book, imo, is the irony : Without peer By D. Ronis on Nov 14, The dictionary is clear and concise, clearly delineates meanings of words with great examples, and it contains accent marks for Russian words and irregular inflections.

One should still note however that Russian speakers may be disappointed to find a lack of IPA transcriptions for English words, as it is clearly more aimed at English speakers. Gives examples of American English usage, which is what I speak. Makes it easier to understand nuances of the Russian. I love this dictionary. The Best for American learners of Russian. Ooka Jr.

Easy to read. Nicely formatted.

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English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary by Kenneth Katzner (1986, Paperback)



ISBN 13: 9780471017073


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