He is instead asked to follow the well-trodden Engineering-plus- MBA route that most people his age seem to have taken. This route is not something that Varun is very keen on following. But Varun is not one to be easily cowed. After a number of alcohol-induced conversations with his friend from school and later co-founder of Alma Mater, Rohn Malhotra, Varun decides to follow his heart and do something that he wants to do. The book chronicles how the two of them decided to start a merchandising company called Alma Mater that creates customised clothing and accessories for the alumni of schools and colleges across India. Every step Varun and his friends take seems to be thwarted by Anu Aunty.

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But then they are so boring. Big lessons, grandpa type suggestions and stuff. How are we supposed to read them? Note that the back cover says it is fiction. According to writer, there are some incidents that are exaggerated in the book and that explains why it is a fiction. She is a live person but to Varun, she has been no less than a ghost who would keep coming up to mess up almost every moment in his life.

While dealing with this Anu Aunty, Varun also has to deal with the fact that he is jobless and he needs to do something about his career. He has already completed his engineering and is completely clueless about what he wants to do. Every one of them has a definite career goal in their life except our hero of the story — Varun. Once the story begins, it is all filled up with lessons. Sometimes they are straight forward and sometimes they are hidden in the experiences of the author cum hero of our story — Varun.

He just wanted to share his story and experience through this amazing medium of communication. And guess what!

It is different and it is enjoyable. And yes, I can say that I loved the writing style of the author. The book is really interesting and fast paced.

Who wants to get bored? No one. It was so natural and seemed so real. And the best part of the book is that it is piled up with million dollar suggestions that would really help the budding entrepreneurs. And it clearly does its job very well. Varun Aggarwal has included some unusual but useful suggestions for budding Indian entrepreneurs which are another USP of the book.

In fact, there are three amazing sections at the end which everyone would love reading. I have read it and it really helped me sort out some troubles in my mind regarding entrepreneurship. Also, this is a book that needs to be kept on your bookshelf for like forever so that you could pick it up anytime and read it again and get some inspiration for chasing your dream.

You must read it. I definitely recommend this book to every person who has ever thought of being an entrepreneur. Even if you love your 9 to 5 job LOL , you would thoroughly enjoy reading this book. We send weekly newsletters with ALL the updates from Manpreet I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information I will never give away, trade or sell your email address.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Find out what Indian Booktuber thinks about it.


How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company

But then they are so boring. Big lessons, grandpa type suggestions and stuff. How are we supposed to read them? Note that the back cover says it is fiction.


Perspective Review | How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company

It is the true story of Varun Agarwal , a Bangalore-based entrepreneur, and how he came to start the company Alma mater. Since the book is based on the true life events of Varun and his journey to fame and success, it is almost a good inspirational read, inciting in the reader an urge to fight the flawed social perceptions about becoming a successful visionary. Varun Agarwal, the lead character is a guy who has a vision, a vision in which he intends to create a sound and successful business with a nascent idea, in which he stumbles upon one day. His idea is to tie up with schools and colleges and sell their merchandise through an online retail platform, wherein students and alumni can place orders and buy their school merchandise. On the other hand is Anu Aunty, all starry-eyed about her son and constantly reminding everybody in her circle of friends about how qualified, successful, well settled, hardworking and obedient her son is. The characters are interesting too with some side plots which lead nowhere and give the feeling that they have been added with the sole purpose of increasing the number of pages in the book. Well for that reason and many others, it surely deserves a thumbs up.

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