It arrived 1 day early at a nearby Walmart neighborhood store. It comes in a rather small box. Setting it up was easy, like most reviewers stated. I made 2 trial recordings of TV shows half hour each on a flash drive at p and p. Both worked fine.

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You plug your TV antenna into the box, then you connect your box to your TV. You can then record broadcast TV shows for viewing later. I never consulted the manual. Pretty simple! Tuner Quality The unit found channels in its scan. It found all of the major networks and major local channels in my area Los Angeles. So, the tuner quality was more than sufficient for me.

Picture Quality and Channel Surfing I was surprised that such a cheap unit could have such good picture quality. HD channels looked crisp and colorful. The unit was also pretty quick when changing channels. Time to change channels was about the same as my Sony.

The Remote Control The one annoying thing I noticed was that you have to point the remote control right at the unit. The remote control If you read the reviews for other low-cost converter boxes, the remote control seems to be the weak link in most of them. Other units have problems with buttons triggering adjacent buttons, cheap feel, or like this one, the need to aim precisely. I chose the latter since I had a bunch laying around. I went into the menus and realized that I had to initialize it first.

After I did that, it worked fine. I had to first pause to enter recording mode, then resume play. Then, it would let me rewind to the point at which I hit the pause button, or forward to the current time. Not the end of the world. You can also just hit the record button to start a recording that you want to save. Super easy! If you go into the menu system, you can find a page with your recordings. They are stored with somewhat cryptic file names but at least they contain the station call letters.

Page showing recording I made It took me a while to figure out how to replay my recording. The key is to look at the hints at the bottom of the screen which tell you which buttons to use on this page. Scheduled Recordings DVR Functionality The fact that is box can do any kind of recording at all is pretty amazing at this price point.

There is also the capability to do scheduled recording. You set up these recordings on this page: How to set up scheduled recordings This is very reminiscent of how we used to set up recordings on old-school VCRs. But to my surprise, there is actually also a channel guide available if you press the EPG button! Those are much easier set up recordings on, or even record whole seasons however they require Internet access to display the guide.

But, as I mentioned, at this low price, this box is worth it just for the converter functionality. I see the DVR as a bonus that you may or may not use. Summary This is a great little box that lets you use a broadcast TV antenna with your older TV at a low cost with a basic but functional DVR as a bonus! The picture quality and functionality of this one are great. If you need to find a converter box for your tube TV or older flat screen, check this one out!

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