Chinese femininities, Chinese masculinities: The Artificial Reason of the Law or: Please translate into English all titles in other languages including Chinese. Dennis Patterson, Maldens. Neil, Summers Robert S. A Comparative Study, red. The factual model, unpredictable though it may seem to be, is faster and apt to provide us with just, or socially desirable, conclusions, especially when utilized by a person of a great legal knowledge and experience.

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Vudoktilar In other words, guarantees of rationality are included in the construction of univer- sal audience itself, impeerium should be persuaded by the force of more effective, i.

Unquestionable authority in the last instance is divine authority. They served to discuss the argumentative abuse used by the courts during the Stalinist period. For these reasons Perelman is considered one of the leading contemporary theorists of legal argumentation The main focus will be on presenting rhethoric as a theory and practice of argumentation based on probability.

Olbrecht-Tyteca,The New Rhetoric: The rstoryki of the argument was the difference between rational rhetoric, aimed at convincing the audience by the power of a better argument and the eristic, aiming per fas et nephas at a complete victory in the dispute. Classified and Illustrated, T. Pajdak in a separate trial — 5 years; K. Help Center Find new research papers retoryik Zajdler points out that also in judicial legal prac- tice eristic, unlike rhetoric, is not the art of persuasion by means of reliable methods, but of overcoming the opponent in an oral argument per fas et nefas There was challenged the division into crimes, misdemeanours and offences, and there was introduced a division into offences impdrium the foundations of the Soviet system and all other groups of crimes.

In this regard, the views of the philosopher are adopted as a counterpoint in the rhetor- ical analyses of the abuses of the Rstoryki courts discussed on the example of the Trial of the Sixteen and the Trial of General A. For example, the thesis on the content of the law made by the will of retory,i sovereign allowed the authori- ties to subordinate the courts to ideologized laws.

Ricoeur Paul, Critique and Conviction: An interpretation of the dialogue as a rhetorical exercise in prudence is proposed in this part, arguing that the way Lubomirski employs rhetorical deliberation in utramque partem invites the reader to constantly exercise his own practical judgement in relation to affairs of state. In this context, there comes to mind H. The problem of Philodemus.

One should add that the philosopher agrees for pluralism in the cognition imperiuk consequently, two counter-arguments can be acknowledged by retortki same audience. On eristic methods used by Stalinist courts… 11 Moreover, he claimed that judicial reasoning is of paradig- matic character and constitutes a model example of every practical argumentation The opinion of the composition of the court, issued after the judgement to the Supreme Court, stated as follows: Skip to main content.

Mier- zwa — 4 months; Z. The first part of the article briefly discusses the origin and meanings of prudentia as it was employed in the Ciceronian tradition. Such a shift, hiding ideolo- gy under the pretext of formal legal thought was for the Sta- linist courts a useful eristic method. Amongst them there was L.

Political and moral dimensions. It was created not to con- quer other countries but to defend the borders of its country. Przewodnik encyklopedyczny, Warszawa Kraus J. Moreover, retortki of the accused were puzzled by their defenders pleadings since the latter condemned their conspiratorial activity and pleaded guilty Such descriptions assume certain arrangement in hierarchy performed earlier.

On eristic methods imperrium by Stalinist courts… 27 tative process was based on purely parsimonious rhetoric, which underlies the adjustment of the audience to the utte- red thesis of accusation. Addressing the groups which, what can be assumed, accept certain thesis on the account of the- ir profession or religion, the author has the right to count on the support of these propositions.

Przewodnik encyklopedyczny [The art of rhetoric. Pragmatic argument, as Perelman writes, which seems to reduce the value of the cause to the value Ch. Who is responsible for these acts? History and theory of rhethoric — from the ancient to modern times As can be seen, the whole argumentation assumes irst the contact between people, which can be fostered or hindered by social institutions.

Click here to sign up. Within the range of the approved propositions among which the speaker chooses the point of departure for his speech, the ones that should be sectioned off, are those which concern reality, namely facts, truths, suppositions; and these which concern most desired things, namely value[s] ….

In the rhetoric of the Stalinist courts positive values were expressed in a favourable attitude towards the author- ity of Generalissimus, the operations of the Red Army, Marxist philosophy, etc. In the field of judiciary it was manifested in maintaining The prosecutor in speech at the end of the trial of the Sixteen: Jankowski, sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment, died in prison on 72 After: On eristic methods used by Stalinist courts… 17 a positivistic vision of law, according to which it would be merely an arbitrary expression of the will of the sovereign.

These were as follows:.



Learning Legal Rules, wyd. Two accounts of analogy. The Psychology of Intuitive Judgment, red. The notion of prudence as practical judgement in relation to affairs of state is linked here to the Ciceronian mode of arguing in utramque partem, allowing a careful examination of different aspects of any given issue before taking political action.


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