Interzone is suitable for use with cathodic protection with or without the recommended primer. For specific chemical resistance contact International Protective Coatings. This product will not cure adequately below 41F 5C. For maximum performance ambient curing temperatures should be above 50F 10C. In high impact and abrasion applications do not use primer and apply over a minimum surface profile height of 3 mils 75 microns. Care should be taken to avoid over application of any priming system used under Interzone

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Fluid lines should be as short as possible consistent with the size of the work. The snout and pickup hose should also be removed, and the foot of the airless pump should be stood directly in a bucket of mixed, ready-to-spray Interzone Selection of the correct type of airless spray gun is important to achieving problem free application.

The gun used should have the minimum amount of constrictions to paint flow, and preferably should feed material close to the airless spray tip.

Tip size can be from a minimum of 19 thou 0. A reversa-Tip or similar easy to clean tip is strongly recommended for ease of application To enable optimum cure and film strength, it is necessary to apply a wet coat as free from overspray dry spray as possible by keeping the spray gun relatively close to the substrate and using slow passes to give even coverage.

Additional passes should be made until the recommended film thickness is achieved. Pot pressure should be sufficient to move product, and atomisation air used should be the minimum required to produce a fan. Excessive atomisation air will provide unacceptable dry spray characteristics.

The splatter coat should be applied after the initial application has set but not dried; required DFT must be reached before the splatter coat is applied. Where a sharp, angular profile non-slip surface is desired on decks or walkways, special non-slip grit may be incorporated into Interzone and sprayed in a single application.

Contact International for additional details and information. If defects are evident then the appropriate remedial measures should be taken. As the surfaces coated are often large and complex in design, a number of potential film defects can occur. The manner of application should be such that these are avoided or minimised. A number of potential defects are detailed below, together with recommended remedial treatment. Dirt Pick-up Due to the highly pigmented nature of Interzone , the final film has a degree of surface roughness which can, in certain circumstances, make it prone to dirt pick-up from air borne particulates and contaminants, e.

While this does not cause any problems in terms of performance, cosmetic appearance may not prove acceptable if such films are to be permanently exposed. Page No.


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