Brasho I also recommend to take the services of a CA if your income falls in those sections 4 and above. The ITR-2 may seem complicated. In this form, you are required to give detailed information about the income from investments. The sheet CG is divided into six parts from A to F. The income tax return form ITR-2 is required if you have income from shares or property sale.

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Tukazahn What is the function of this option? There are two utilities to download the ITR You have to only verify them. Your email address will not be published. All other section may not be applicable to you. It edtiable because, there is no form 16 to support the capital gains. It is the most Comprehensive Sheet. The Part C And E would take data itself.

I recommend the Java utility if you have the required Java version installed in your PC. So, it helps to detect whether the rectification editsble earlier is complete or not, by revalidating.

If you have already paid any tax after the self assessment, you should use this sheet. You need to give the editabpe and unutilised money from the capital gains account. If you find anything missing or you want to suggest something please use the comments section generously. You are not required to do any thing for that. The short term capital gains should be the part of short term section. These sheets related to the foreign assets and foreign income.

Whether it is short term or long term. Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. But the profit should be real after discounting the edihable effect. You will see these buttons in this bar. Unless any requirement of filling any data in any field Section 6 is for those you have put the money into the capital gains account To Save tax from property sale and earning interest from that account.

The sheet CG is divided into six parts from A to F. In this sheet, you need to give income details of dependent spouse and minor children. This sheet is for the people who are governed by the Portuguese civil code. Section 8 is irt2 reporting the amount put on capital gains account.

Errors in efiling itr 2 ay java utility — Income Tax Forum For most of the people, initial 3 section would be applicable. This is required to take a loan from the banks as well. The profit from these investments is called capital gains. You can give the details of donations and save tax. Therefore, you must use the calculator to get the combined values of all the share investment, bond investments and property investments. There are very few people who had investments in property, shares, bonds as well as other income altogether.

The sum editablle all the value should be equal to your total short term capital gains. The Java utility and excel utility. TOP 10 Related.



Akizilkree This is a very small sheet. The long term capital gains part is also similar to the short term capital gains except it also considers the indexing for some investments. You have to do all these background task whether you fill this form or you take services of a CA. There are many donation which enjoys tax deductions. This section is relatively easy to fill. Remember Me Forgot Password?


Know Who Can File ITR 1, ITR 2 and ITR 2A

Mauzragore In the Part Fyou are required to fill the capital gains before the advance tax payment date. What are long term and short Term capital gains. It is divided into 3 categories, property, short term and long term capital gains. Give details of that transaction. You will see these buttons in this bar. Rather than wasting time in correcting the old saved file, better fill the data again This would help many people to avoid getting errors. The checklist seems extensive.

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