Zolotaur Charles Mohr and Dr. In and he published 2 editions of his book, Sunstroke and Its Homeopathic Treatment. Later aroundera of alphabetical repertory appeared. Mind, 2 Sensorium 3 Inner head 4 Outer head and so on. Single symptoms can also be referred with its detail, which would help one to prescribe in an acute case or so called short case.

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Samuzragore Phatak has given Phos acid as the only medicine for cervical spondylitis. Hence it is easy to practice and a chance of fault thus may be avoided.

He died on September 30, Knerr Calvin Knerr was born December 27, and grew up with a father who was a lay homeopath and an uncle who knew Hering at the Allentown Academy. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Total number of drugs given with knrer are drugs. Aconitum Napellus, II Vertigo after fright. The last chapter, 48th chapter, is on Drug Relationships. And in which cases require polychrests many cases that Kent and Knerr point to the same remedy after repertorization.

Constitution, stages of life, temperament C. Charles Mohr and Dr. Inner symptoms and functions first. Cross-reference to same drugs are given for 7 drugs. The repertory is supplemented by a complete index of localities, pathological and clinical and thus makes it very easy to operate.

Ars sulf rubrum Plantago major Drugs not in drug abbreviation but found in this chapter are 3 drugs. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: According to the principles and rules laid down in the foregoing the symptoms, their groups and the names of diseases, have been arranged and divided in forty-eight chapters.

Knerr studied in Berlin, Vienna, and London. Originally working with Dr. The sub rubrics are given in the same words as expressed by the provers or the patients. II Cough haemoptysis 3 There are certain differences in similar symptoms. Last symptom appeared should be given prior importance though insignificant.

Symptoms should be alike and similar in intensity of reppertory. S — Stands between cured symptom and pathological condition or physiological general. Thus the word concordance is analogous to the word repertory. Most of these historic treasures have been presented repertofy The Hahnemann Medical College. Constantine Hering as his assistant. Notify me of new comments via email. First of all, all the indications are given in an alphabetical order marked the main circumstantial association by bolder types.

Aurum mur natronatrum Iodoform Uva ursi Vaccinum and Variolinum given in this chapter but has no observation under it. Chapter 4 — outer head has 9 sections, as — Dandruff, eruptions, fontanelles, forehead, hair, head, scalp, skull and tumor. Quarterly Homoeopathic Journal, Vol. Calvin B. Knerr, — , completed Guiding Symptoms Repertorg number of main rubrics are rubrics. Following this are the rubrics before menses, during menses, after menses all in the same chapter.

Drugs found in drug abbreviation but not found in this chapter are 2 drugs. Cross-reference is given to different chapters also. Cross reference given even in sub sub rubrics also. As per symptoms available the totality can be framed as follows: He revised the whole work, portions of which he wrote anew for this edition.

Knerr He also gives the limitation of the repertory regarding to the Guiding Symptoms. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Appetite, desire, aversion, thirst, sleep, etc F. Boenninghausen knerr used this word in the homoeopathic literature in the earlier edition of Therapeutic Pocket Book. His was a life of unceasing work, and even when confined to bed he actually prescribed for his patients. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Almost every drug has the relationship as following: Examine the rubric Forgetful of what kjerr is going to do: For example rubric vertigo is shown as follows: Most Related.








A repertory of Hering's guiding symptoms of our materia medica



Skillful use of Repertory- Knerr Repertory


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