See media help. With little hope, des Grieux writes to his father, imploring permission to marry Manon. But his concern for offended family honor is only camouflage for his alliance with his friend. Trying to prove his honorable intentions, des Grieux shows Lescaut the letter to his father. Unaware of her change of heart, des Grieux returns and conveys his more modest vision of their future happiness "En fermant les yeux", the "Dream Song".

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Of course! And I have too high an opinion of you to get angry. I am going to the barracks close by, to argue with these gentlemen, about a certain point that concerns them. Wait for me then Ask that person to wait a moment, a very brief moment!

Lescaut turns to the guardsmen, giving them a sign to leave. And now, let us see which one of us the goddess of gambling will chose to flirt with! Let me wait I must avoid these distractions. Those schemes which so upset my thinking. Long silence during which Manon seems lost in reflection. From the look on her face, it is obvious that some inner conflict is taking place. Suddenly, in a simple manner, she turns her eyes towards the summer-house, where Poussette, Javotte and Rosette are still eating.

How very pretty those ladies are! The youngest one was wearing a necklace of gold beads! Come now, Manon, do not indulge your mind! No more wild fancies Give up these passing desires at the door of your convent!

Come now, Manon! Come now! No more longings, no more wild fancies! And yet! When I let myself be carried away with feelings of delight, everything in those ladies seems attractive! How very marvellous it must be to enjoy oneself for a whole lifetime! Come now, Manon,no more wild fancies, etc. She sees Des Grieux. Quick, back to my stone bench! She goes back to the spot where Lescaut had left her. Yes, I see him smiling, and my heart is not playing me false! I see him, he calls to me and I hold out my arms to him!

Unknowingly, Des Grieux has turned towards Manon. He stares at her astonished and, then, as though seeing a vision, in ecstacy. Good Heavens! Is this a dream? Is this madness? Where does this feeling come from? One might say that my life is ending It seems as if an iron hand were leading me onto anther path, and it spite of myself it draws me straight to her!

Involuntarily, Des Grieux has approached Manon, step by step.


Manon (Massenet)



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