Faegor Ortodoncia Interceptiva Mantenedores de espacio. Es recomendable que sus hijos coman de todos los 5 grupos alimentarios. Por que son importantes los dientes de leche o temporales? Cuando no esta en la oficina le gusta pasar tiempo en familia, hacer manualidades y coser.

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Palabras Clave: diente primario, mantenimiento del espacio. Original article Space manteinance after premature loss of primary molars Abstract Premature loss of primary molars occurs when they are extracted before their physiologic exfoliation timing. Aim: The purpose of this study is to determine the association between premature loss of primary molars and the use of space maintainers.

Materials and methods: A descriptive, retrospective, correlacional study was performed, analyzing records of patients, ages 3 to 9 years old, who received dental treatment at the Pediatric Dentistry Postgraduate program UCV. Children with systemic diseases or syndromes were excluded. Socioeconomic status, extracted primary teeth and use of space maintainers were studied. No statistical significance was found between socioeconomic status, number of extracted teeth or use of space maintainer.

Conclusion: High prevalence of premature loss of primary teeth was observed in this sample, belonging to a highly specialized clinic where patients with complex treatment needs are admitted. For most cases satisfactory use of space maintainers was achieved as a preventive measure to avoid oclusal disturbances. Key words: Primary teeth, space maintainers. Profesor Instructor. No se compromete la identidad de los pacientes.

Tipo de mantenedor utilizado. Tabla 3. Tabla 1. Los pacientes que requirieron tratamiento bajo anestesia general tienen probabilidad de no utilizar los mantenedores de espacio. Tabla 4. Prevalence of malocclusion in relation to premature loss of primary teeth.

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Utilización de mantenedores de espacio en pacientes con pérdidas prematuras de dientes primarios



Tipos de mantenedores de espacio en odontopediatría y sus indicaciones



Indicaciones para los mantenedores de espacio




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