He has quite a few signature moves, each of which took the sport by storm. Going directly to the back instead of spending time in the guard reduces the risk of getting swept or submitted. In other words the arm drag gets you right to the top of the mountain. Certainly not — he took it from wrestling. How is it done?

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October 31, - pm -- Active Life DC This app was released in its current form several months ago. We have been using it a fair bit and figure it is worth a quick review for people interested in an app to track the times, distances, and paces of their runs. In addition to real time tracking, the app catalogs your efforts and tracks personal bests.

It also provides built-in control of music and voice notifications that track your progress during the run without you having to fiddle with your Iphone or Android.

Facebook integration provides an avenue to share routes and times with friends. And the best thing? The app is free. It is free. Yeah, we said that already. Easy to use. Unlike many apps, the app is not overburdened with features that erode usability. You should be able to download the app and within a few minutes be on your way.

The voice notifications. Voice notifications make it possible to follow your progress without having to stop and look at your phone. You can easily turn them off or configure their frequency if you find them annoying. The GPS can fail. On several occasions the app reported some disingenuous times a one minute mile, for example. We have read reports about this on other sites. It is impossible to tell how often this happens and it is likely dependent on the geographical region the app is being used in.

No way to delete runs on the phone. The fact that this app is free and pretty easy to use make it very appealing. Problems have been reported with the GPS and integration with some hardware platforms, but we still recommend that you give it a try. If you want to read more, try the Google Play website or the Apple store for additional reviews. This book takes you through the steps required to establish and utilize the X-guard. Garcia developed the X-guard over time as he worked to perfect his butterfly guard.

The book therefore begins with a section on the butterfly guard, including sweeps and submissions, as well as different approaches for obtaining the X-guard. The book then shows you how to use the X-guard to sweep and submit. The X-guard is unique and not practiced by a large number of jiu-jitsu players.

If mastered, it could give someone a great advantage over many opponents. However, its greatest attribute is also its greatest weakness; there are not a lot of people to learn from. Learning from just a book, without input from an experienced X-guard player would prove very difficult for lower-level jiu-jitsu players. However, the experience of higher-level players will allow them to absorb more from the book and make them the most likely to benefit.

Clearly written and well photographed. For those who know what they are doing, the book offers a high-enough level of detail to learn the techniques.

The techniques are unique. The X-guard is pretty unique and if mastered, could give someone an advantage in many jiu-jitsu competitions. The book needs an outline. There are sections based on sweeps, submissions, etc. The book would be much better if Garcia grouped techniques into different levels beginner, advanced, etc. This stuff is not for beginners.

This really is not a criticism, it is just the way it is. Without an experienced coach, it is going to be hard for less experienced jiu-jitsu players to soak up what they need to know to master the system. We rate the book at neutral mostly because we do not feel it is appropriate for all levels.

However, if you are an experienced jiu-jitsu player looking for a new wrinkle to add to your game, it is worth checking out. You can buy it from Amazon here. Take a look at these videos to learn a little bit more about the x-guard before purchasing the book.


Marcelo Garcia's The X-Guard: Gi & No Gi Jiu-Jitsu (2008)



The X-Guard: Gi No Gi Jiu-Jitsu



The X-Guard: Gi & No Gi Jiu-Jitsu



Download EBOOK The X-Guard: Gi & No Gi Jiu-Jitsu PDF for free


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