Members on what type of orders are not attached to any PDS? What type of duty orders assign a member to a duty that member is to perform in addition to and in conjunction with that permanent duty, with no travel authorized unless specifically stated in the orders. Commanding Officer. What type of orders authorize a member to perform, in addition to present duties, such travel from time to time as necessary for a purpose stated in the orders, the travel being from the duty station to and from points designated in the orders?

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All controlled equipage items must be in- ventoried annually during the period 15 February through 15 March. Other inventories , which must be completed within 30 days after the commence- ment date, are listed as follows: 1.

On commissioning , inactivation, or re- activation of the ship 2. On relief of a head of department, for those items in the custody of the department concerned 3. On change of command , at the discretion of the relieving commanding officer When a shipwide inventory of all controlled equipage has been taken during the 6-month period preceding 15 February, the annual inventory requirement for the current year is con- sidered satisfied.

Normally, the technical library for the supply department is established within the supply support center SSC. As the AK assigned management responsibility for the technical research unit, you must determine the technical manuals and publications required to support the organization and maintain receipt and distribu- tion control.

You must also be responsible for making sure changes and revisions are incorporated to keep the publications current and up to date. Once established, the majority of the manuals and publications are placed on automatic distribution to your activity. There are many general use manuals, publica- tions, and directives that are used by aviation supply personnel to determine standard supply operating procedures and to obtain management data relative to material identification, material requisitioning, and processing of repairable components.

The manuals and publications that should be maintained in a technical library are covered in the following paragraphs. Volumes 2 and 3 are of primary concern for the technical library. Accounting Classification, volume 2. This volume is a reference book that contains the classification necessary to report the receipt and expenditures of public funds in each of the three phases of the Navy accounting system.

It also includes appropriation, cost, and property accounting. Unit Identification Codes, volume 2, chapter 5. This chapter includes unit identification codes UICs for all activities, ships, aviation units, and other organizational components of the Navy. This chapter is issued as a separate volume. Appropriation, Cost, and Property Account- ing, volume 3. This volume prescribes accounting procedures in connection with appropriation, cost, and property accounting for field activities.

As a manual of the Navy accounting system, this


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