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The user s3x select colors from the bit colors s3c these four formats. Now then, you s3c clock source. Then the period of interrupt is as follows: LCD driver interface has two kind of interface. The transmit s3c can operate in master or Slave mode. The functionality and related registers of each stage are introduced in detail in the rest of this chapter.

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A: Normally such "bad blocks" are not real bad blocks. These blocks can be marked as bad blocks due to some faulty operations. Generally we can have this solved by running the "nand scrub" command in the uboot prompt, note that "nand scrub" will erase everything in your NAND, so please be sure to backup your data before doing this.

Anyway, a few "real" bad blocks in the NAND Flash is normal and allowed and they would not effect anything. Q: Booting stopped at "Starting kernel The kernel image zImage has not been well installed. In this case you just need to follow the user manual to install the zImage. Incorrect u-boot parameter. There is already a rootfs rescue rootfs in NAND flash for our every board.

Q: I have made a booting SD card according to the user manual, but the board can not boot from it, why? Also Kingston brand SD card is highly recommended. Q: The touch screen go with big difference on linux QT. A: With this case please calibrate the touchscreen again according following steps. The system will show you a window with cross-point to calibrate the touchscreen Q: How to modify the Linux boot logo? Q: How to configure the kernel support for different size of the LCD screen?

Detailed methodology please refer to the corresponding user manual. Under the android, if you are switching between resistive screen, you can modify the parameters of LCD in the bootargs under the uboot environment variable.


arch/arm/mach-s3c24xx/Kconfig v3.11



Samsung S3C2416


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