Download App! Software Defined Network Function By decoupling the network functions from the under-laying hardware appliances, NFV provides flexible provisioning of software-based network functionalities on top of an optimally shared physical infrastructure. It addresses the problems of operational costs of managing and controlling these closed and proprietary appliances by leveraging low cost commodity servers. Normally the authentication scheme the user undergoes is particularly very lenient or very strict.

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Download App! Software Defined Network Function By decoupling the network functions from the under-laying hardware appliances, NFV provides flexible provisioning of software-based network functionalities on top of an optimally shared physical infrastructure. It addresses the problems of operational costs of managing and controlling these closed and proprietary appliances by leveraging low cost commodity servers.

Normally the authentication scheme the user undergoes is particularly very lenient or very strict. Throughout the years authentication has been a very interesting approach. Therefore many algorithms have come up each with an interesting approach toward calculation of a secret key.

The algorithms are such based to pick a random number in the range of and therefore the possibilities of the sane number coming are rare. Download An Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm The traditional K-means algorithm is a widely used clustering algorithm, with a wide range of applications.

This ieee seminar paper introduces the idea of the K-means clustering algorithm, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional K-means clustering algorithm, elaborates the method of improving the K-means clustering algorithm based on improve the initial focal point and determine the K value.

Simulation experiments prove that the improved clustering algorithm is not only more stable in clustering process, at the same time, improved clustering algorithm reduces or even avoid the impact of the noise data in the dataset object to ensure that the final clustering result is more accurate and effective.

Download An atm with an Eye There is an urgent need for improving security in banking region. With the advent of ATM though banking became a lot easier it even became a lot vulnerable. This situation is unfortunate since tremendous progress has been made in biometric identification techniques, including finger printing, retina scanning, and facial recognition.

This IEEE seminar topic proposes the development of a system that integrates facial recognition technology into the identity verification process used in ATMs. The development of such a system would serve to protect consumers and financial institutions alike from fraud and other breaches of security. So that man can think, take decision without any effort. It is complex than any circuitry in the world. But today it is possible due to the technology. IBM is now in research to create a virtual brain.

Download Blue Eyes Is it possible to create a computer, which can interact with us as we interact each other? And then it opens your mail box and shows you some of the mails and tries to cheer you. Such a program can be used to differentiate humans from computers and has many applications for practical security. This is a new technology in computer science.

Cloud9 is a cloud-based testing service that promises to make high-quality testing fast, cheap, and practical. Cloud9 runs on compute utilities like Amazon EC2 [1], and we envision the following three use cases: First, developers can upload their software to Cloud9 and test it swiftly, as part of their development cycle.

Second, end users can upload recently downloaded programs or patches and test them before installing, with no upfront cost. Third, Cloud9 can function as a quality certification service, akin to Underwriters Labs [20], by publishing official coverage results for tested applications.

In an ideal future, software companies would be required to subject their software to quality validation on such a service, akin to mandatory crash testing of vehicles.

In the absence of such certification, software companies could be held liable for damages resulting from bugs. For a software testing service to be viable, it must aim for maximal levels of automation. The concept of enhanced maps Emaps was introduced with one main objective: It should characterize roads, first, with more completeness and, second, with more accuracy than standard maps to fulfill the requirements of new challenging road safety applications and advanced driver-assistance systems ADAS.

This technical seminar paper introduces a paradigm for Emap definition and creation on which every road lane is represented and topologically connected to the rest of lanes.

Following this approach, a number of Emaps have been created in France, Germany, and Sweden. The experiments carried out in these test sites with the Emaps show the capability of our Emap definition to assist with the determination of the vehicle position at the lane level. Rather than making any sounds, your handset would decipher the movements your mouth makes by measuring muscle activity, then convert this into speech that the person on the other end of the call can hear.

So, basically, it reads your lips. This new technology will be very helpful whenever a person loses his voice while speaking or allow people to make silent calls without disturbing others, even we can tell our PIN number to a trusted friend or relative without eavesdropping. At the other end, the listener can hear a clear voice. But, for the languages like Chinese, different tones can hold many different meanings. This poses Problem said Wand.

There are three basic issues — confidentiality, integrity and availability. When an unauthorized person reads or copies information, it is known as loss of confidentiality.

When the information is modified in an irregular manner, it is known as loss of integrity. When the information is erased or becomes inaccessible, it is known as loss of availability.

Authentication and authorization are the processes of the Internet security system by which numerous organizations make information available to those who need it and who can be trusted with it. When the means of authentication cannot be refuted later, it is known as non-repudiation.

Internet security can be achieved through use of antivirus software, which quarantines or removes malicious software programs. Firewalls can determine which particular websites can be viewed and block deleterious content.

Download Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing Recent advances have given rise to the popularity and success of cloud computing. However, when outsourcing the data and business application to a third party causes the security and privacy issues to become a critical concern.

Throughout the study at hand, the authors obtain a common goal to provide a comprehensive review of the existing security and privacy issues in cloud environments. We have identified five most representative security and privacy attributes i.

Beginning with these attributes, we present the relationships among confidentiality, availability and privacy-preservability , the vulnerabilities that may be exploited by attackers, the threat models, as well as existing defense strategies in a cloud scenario.

Future research directions are previously determined for each attribute. Download EPaper E-paper is a revolutionary material that can be used to make next generation; electronic displays. It is portable reusable storage and display medium that look like paper but can be repeatedly written one thousands of times.

These displays make the beginning of a new area for battery power information applications such as cell phones, pagers, watches and hand-held computers etc. Two companies are carrying our pioneering works in the field of development of electronic ink and both have developed ingenious methods to produce electronic ink. One is E-ink, a company based at Cambridge, in U. Both technologies being developed commercially for electronically configurable paper like displays rely on microscopic beads that change color in response to the charges on nearby electrodes.

EyeOS was thought of as a new definition of an Operating System, where everything inside it can be accessed from everywhere inside a Network. All you need to do is login into your EyeOS server with a normal Internet Browser, and you have access to your personal desktop, with your applications, documents, music, movies… just like you left it.

EyeOS lets you upload your files and work with them no matter where you are. Game theory has its history from , almost from the days when computers became programmable.

The very first game that is been tackled in AI is chess. Initiators in the field of game theory in AI were Konard Zuse the inventor of the first programmable computer and the first programming language , Claude Shannon the inventor of information theory , Norbert Wiener the creator of modern control theory , and Alan Turing.

Since then, there has been a steady progress in the standard of play, to the point that machines have defeated human champions although not every time in chess and backgammon, and are competitive in many other games. Download SyneSketch The proposed recognition algorithm classifies the text of a sentence according to the following emotional categories: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise. This is one of the trending and new technology in computer science.

The proposed algorithm estimates emotional weights for each emotional category how intense the emotion is in the form of a numerical vector. The vector is used to determine the dominant emotional type the emotional type with the highest weight and the overall emotional valence of a sentence is the emotion positive, negative, or neutral. Users of our software may determine their criteria for neutrality. To recognize emotions in sentences, we use a hybrid of a keyword-spotting method and a rule-based method.

The keyword-spotting approach is based on the use of a lexicon of words and expressions related to emotions. The main contribution is threefold. First, in order to construct a word lexicon, use of both the power of human judgment and the power of WordNet, a lexical database for English language.

Specifically, a survey based word lexicon to automatically search WordNet for all semantic relatives of the initial word set. Third, trying to overcome some of the problems associated with keyword-spotting techniques with several heuristic rules. An argument that the proposed technique is suitable for analyzing fragmented online textual interaction that is abundant in colloquialisms.

Download Voice Browsers Browser technology is changing very fast these days and we are moving from the visual paradigm to the voice paradigm. Voice browser is the technology to enter this paradigm.

Download Wireless Body Area Networks Future communication systems are driven by the concept of being connected any-where at any time. This is not limited to even in medical area.

Wireless medical communications assisting peoples work and replacing wires in a hospital are the applying wireless communications in medical healthcare. The increasing use of wireless networks and the constant miniaturization of electrical devices has empowered the development of wireless body area networks WBANs. In these networks various sensors are attached on clothing or on the body or even implanted under the skin. These devices provide continuous health monitoring and real-time feedback to the user or medical personnel.

The wire-less nature of the network and the wide variety of sensors offer numerous new, practical and innovative applications to improve healthcare and the quality of life. The sensor measures certain parameters of human body, either externally or internally. Examples include measuring the heartbeat, body temperature or recording a prolonged electrocardiogram ECG.

Download B-Tree File System The design goal is to work well for a wide variety of workloads, and to maintain performance as the filesystem ages.

This is in contrast to storage systems aimed at a particular narrow use case. BTRFS is intended to serve as the default Linux filesystem; it is expected to work well on systems as small as a smartphone, and as large as an enterprise production server. As such, it must work well on a wide range of hardware. Download Keyboards Without Keyboards Input to small devices is becoming an increasingly crucial factor in development for the ever-more powerful embedded market.

This promises to leverage our familiarity with the device without incurring the constraints of the bulky physics.

This research surveys technologies for alphanumeric input devices and methods with a strong focus on touch-typing. We analyze the characteristics of the keyboard modality and show how they contribute to making it a necessary complement to speech recognition rather than a competitor Download A Distributed MAC Design Wireless USB gives consumers an easy, secure way to connect their PCs, CE, and mobile devices without a cable — without sacrificing speed.

The purpose of this project was to develop a methodology for using LiDAR data to document preexisting landslides in Kenton and Campbell Counties, Kentucky fig.


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You are on page 1of 3 Search inside document K. They are implemented in asynchronous circuits. An asynchronous circuit is a circuit in which the parts are largely autonomous. They are not governed by a clock circuit or global clock signal, but instead need only wait for the signals that indicate completion of instructions and operations. These signals are specified by simple data transfer protocols. This digital logic design is contrasted with a synchronous circuit which operates according to clock timing signals.


8th Sem BE VTU Seminar Format

Provision should be made to conduct MES14 theory classes and internal assessment test for these students by the respective colleges. Students studied I semester with Physics group will be readmitted to II Semester Chemistry New Scheme along with the regular students without any replacement of subjects Rejection of semester results A candidate if desires, shall reject the results of whole semester irrespective of performance of any individual subject. However, there is no provision for the rejection of results of any individual subject. Such rejection shall be permitted only once during the entire course of study.


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