Do you like dungeons? There are a multiplicity of ways to tie this into other modules and create endless opportunities for roleplaying around the spectacular dungeon crawl presented within. We played through the first session and over the course of five hours, only just made it inside the first chamber of the Godsmouth Ossuary by the end of the session. The entire day was taken up with the actual journey across Varisia to the foot of the Storval Plateau and up the Halflight Path with the Duskwardens to finding a guide to get them across the city to the Pharasman Cathedral. And all of that happened before page 7 of the module! The players loved the experience of entering the warrens of Kaer Maga and seeing the bloatmages, troll Augurs, street urchins and necromancers of Ankar-Te with their undead servants in tow.

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May 22, , pm The city of Kaer Maga sits in the heart of Varisia, a vast stone hexagon of unknown origin perched high atop the cliffs of the Storval Rise. This cyclopean structure predates even the Empire of Thassilon, which ruled these lands 10, years ago, and today it is a city of wonders, intrigue, and mysteries. Carved on the cliff face below the city are numerous representations of gigantic bodies and faces, though who these titanic carvings actually represent is a matter of some conjecture—the vanished runelords of ancient Thassilon, forgotten kings, dead gods, or someone else.

Some of these massive sculptures lead into the Undercity, a dizzying network of caverns, tunnels, and chambers, both natural and man-made, that riddle the cliffs beneath Kaer Maga.

One of the most famous entrances to the Undercity lies in the mouth of one of the giant faces known as the Unnamed King, and opens onto a series of ancient catacombs where the honored dead of Kaer Maga are interred.

From their cathedral in the Bottoms district of the city above, the clergy of Pharasma oversee the Godsmouth Ossuary, the most prestigious place in Kaer Maga to be buried—and the Pharasmins charge a hefty fee for the honor. What few outside the church of Pharasma know is that the Godsmouth Ossuary occupies only a few of the many subterranean levels below the entrance—the lower reaches are mysteries even to the clergy.

All entries to the lower levels have been sealed off, and the priests are forbidden from venturing deeper, lest they awaken greater evils slumbering beneath. Recently, however, the Pharasmins have noticed that bodies are disappearing from the ossuary. At first only a few cadavers went missing, but the number has increased rapidly over the last few weeks. To solve this problem, the leaders of the church have decided to relax their restrictions on outsiders entering the crypts.

At the same time, the adventurers can survey the unexplored dungeon and clear out any dangerous inhabitants, thus allowing the church to expand the ossuary into the new level. The church reached out to someone they knew could be trusted to handle this, Balenar Forsend. May 22, , pm A middle-aged woman dressed in a simple grey robe, with a silver holy symbol of Pharasma around her neck, quietly enters the chapel.

Seeing the five of you gathered together, she raises an eyebrow.. You have arrived. My name is Sister Valanthe. The crux of the problem is as follows: Bodies have started to go missing from our Ossuary. Whilst some amongst the clergy are adopting a pragmatic approach to this, pointing out that missing bodies mean more space in the Ossuary, the majority of us are more concerned by what is happening to the missing bodies.

Normally, non-members of the clergy are not allowed into the Ossuary, but due to the current situation, we have decided to make a temporary exception.

We know that whomever, or whatever, is taking the bodies is located in a sub-level of the Ossuary which is normally sealed off. We ask that you enter that level, and put an end to the thefts. If you do so, I am authorised to give you a payment of gp. Any items that you discover below are of course yours to keep, with the exception of any obviously Pharasmin artefacts, which we will require you to sell to us.

As to what you might discover below, I truly do not know, but since it is bodies that have gone missing, I would not be surprised if you encountered at least a few undead. Now, come. Valanthe leads the party through luxuriously appointed catacombs packed with bodies and down several stairways before coming to an area that obviously sees little use—most of the burial niches are empty and dusty, the air is musty and close, and silence reigns supreme. In this disused portion of the crypts, Valanthe stops before a locked door.

Once you enter, the door will be locked behind you. However, do not worry overmuch about that; I am authorised to give you a few items to assist you. There is also this," she says, drawing a silver tube from the sleeve of her robe.

If you ring the chime, it will open a locked door. You may use it to open any of the doors within the lower level, but please keep one use to let yourselves back out; otherwise, you will be trapped down below Within, a stone spiral staircase descends into the earth Final chance to ask any questions, before the dungeon gets started His eyes gleamed at the promised reward, though his face turned slightly ashen at the mention of undead.

Clandelve took the holy water and healing potion with a nod of thanks, inserting both of them into his bandoleer for easy reach. Graciously accepting the potion and the holy water, he tucks them into his belt with a combination of other potions and substances.

Before descending into the lower levels, he asks one more question. Despite it all, he followed along gamely, not complaining about the discomfort, happy to have some folks who were not trying to avoid him Finally at their destination, he seems to find the entire town fascinating, almost coming out of his typical quiet shell, to point out interesting stone formations or construction. Although he returns to his more reserved self once they are ushered into the presence of the Pharasmites.

At the mention of undead, he frowns unhappily. As Glorin lights his lantern, suddenly he smiles and reaches into a pocket, pulling out a shiny new wayfinder, with his name engraved along one side. Just brilliant! Thank you, Sickly!


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