The cable is housed in an attractive matte-finished modified PVC jacket that stays flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. Flexibility is a desirable characteristic in a cable for several reasons - first, because it makes the cable easier to work with, but perhaps more importantly, flexibility prevents unnecessary stress on your equipment connectors. The Connectors The unique Canare "F" connector design features an electromechanically stable nickel-over-brass body, with an extra-wide torque nut and machined threads. Instead, the center pin is made from gold-plated brass. This innovative approach avoids problems that are often associated with typical "F" connectors, such as corrosion, misalignment, incorrect length, and poorly shaped tip of the center contact. The dedicated center pin design prevents equipment damage that can occur with lesser designs.

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Doctorjohn Cheaptubeaudio: Audio Reviews and More Cheaptubeaudio has had a long history of advocating reasonably priced but excellent tube gears, particularly Singled-Ended Triodes. This Blog however covers a lot more than SET, and is not exclusively tube-related. Cheaptubeaudio prioritizes coverage of unusual and rare gears, particularly vintage ones, on which little info can be found on the internet. After the surprisingly good result I got from my Belkin coaxial I was eager to test out 2 cables I had bought a long time ago.

But not without encountering some headaches. Caution on BNC connectors: there are so many types. Aside from the rarer solder-on and screw-on types, most are crimp-on types of various diameter and construction, designed to fit various RG type cables. The Belden and Canare under discussion are both RG-6 types. I made the error of buying RG connectors Parts Express , and they prove not a good fit and I had to improvise the assembly. So, make sure you get the right RG type connector.

After some hard work I finally improvised the assembly with my misfit RG connectors. So both cables were assembled without solder. This is easily the best link the Ensemble setup has enjoyed. It is superbly musical, with utterly natural treble, a huge soundstage, excellent dynamics and rhythm. Although lacking the last degree of transparency, the Canare L-5CFB is very musical and natural sounding, possibly an even better match with a DAC that is on the bright side.

I also wonder if my screw-on connector is of lesser quality nickel type, not as polished or if it requires more run-in.

I have left it connected and will be watchful. In many ways the Belkin coaxial is still excellent and resemble the Canare L-5CFB, but now I can confirm my previous minor reservations But the Belkin can save you the hassle of DIY. In conclusion, all three are incredible bargains. One place that is very popular is Blue Jeans Cable. Markertek sells a premade version with high quality Trompeter BNC connectors. Try a 15ft or 25ft cable.

Part C Recently, during a visit to my friend WSS here I got the feeling something is not optimal with his digital setup. He invited a bunch of friends to the shootout I was not present and all declared Belden the winner over even the mighty Kimber, not to mention the resident AN UK digital cable.


Canare L-2.5CFB

Tinned copper braid Jacket: Muy recomendable Date published: Ordered on demand, cancellations may incur charges. L-4CFB is group Q. Get the blue cable so you can instantly see your cables when there are black cables running everywhere. For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Black Back-Ordered — Special Order. Ordering information Pricing not available There is a character limit.





Canare L-5CFB


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